Should Feet Hang Over Recliner Chair? Do’s And Don’ts For Achieving A Good Posture

I am glad you searched the query should feet hang over recliner chair or not since it’s a question that most people never even think about. Yet, improper foot placement can be extremely dangerous to your lower back and lower body health both in the short- and the long-term.

So should heels hang over the recliner chair? If yes, what is the proper way to rest your feet while reclining to avoid health problems?

When you are in a reclined sitting position, make sure your feet rest naturally on the recliner’s footrest and do not let your feet hanging too far from the edge of the footrest.

Also, don’t rest your heels entirely on the footrest, as this may put pressure on your leg muscles and feet, causing leg cramps and weakening your body.

Ideally, your feet should hang a bit over the edge of the chair footrest to avoid straining your foot.

Should Feet Hang Over Recliner Chair? The Do’s And Don’ts

Should Feet Hang Over Recliner Chair?
Do consider a comfortable recliner.Don’t rest in an uncomfortable recliner chair.
Do recline comfortably and let your feet rest naturally on the footrest.Don’t move or jerk suddenly, as this could put stress on your body and could potentially cause the recliner to lean to one side.
Do hang your feet slightly over the footrest of your recliner chair since it will provide relief from pressure and allow you to rest your feet freely, thus promoting healthy blood flow.Don’t dangle your feet too far over the footrest of your recliner since it can cause pressure on your thighs and ultimately lead to leg pain and lower body problems.
Do elevate your legs above your heart level to maintain healthy blood flow.Don’t sit for long periods in the same position as it can cause aching legs and circulatory problems. Make sure that you change your reclining position frequently to keep your body active and away from varicose veins, blood clots, and other poor circulatory conditions.

Is It Good To Hang Over Your Feet On A Recliner?

The general consensus is yes; your feet should hang over the recliner chairs while reclining. We discussed the benefits of this position and why you should adopt it in the beginning.

As long as you keep those Do’s And Don’ts in mind when reclining and resting your feet on the footrest, you can sit comfortably in your recliner chair.

So, in short: It’s good for your feet to hang over the end of the recliner footrest. However, make sure that your feet do not dangle too far when you are in a reclined position, as it can cause health problems such as leg circulation problems, muscle fatigue, etc.

Can I Put My Feet Entirely On The Footrest Of The Recliner?

Yes, you can also rest your feet balls completely on the footrest of a recliner as long as the recliners offer a footrest with soft material, and comfortable padding, so your feet feel comfortable and supported when resting on the footrest.

It is imperative to place an extra cushion beneath your feet or legs for additional comfort if you feel strained when resting your heel completely on the legrest rather than hanging off the recliner chair.  

Please Note:

 Ensure there are no pressures on your heels or knees if you place your feet entirely on the recliner’s footrest. Pressures on your heels or leg muscles can be problematic, as they can gradually affect both your lower back and lower body health over time. Additionally, you should avoid too much sitting in the same position and change your reclining positions frequently.

What Are The Benefits of Elevating Your Legs?

In addition to reducing swelling, elevating leg positions can also help with blood circulation, puffy ankles, and leg cramps. The venous return increases when you elevate your legs; more blood is returned to the heart, reducing the chances of health problems.

Rhythmic breathing relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress while maintaining proper blood circulation while reclining.

When you elevate your legs by extending the footrest and rest flat, you weight evenly, which removes pressure on your back. When you sit in a rigid chair, the weight rests on a small area of your back and buttocks, causing fatigue. Therefore, you should elevate your legs or put them up against a wall to circulate the blood when sitting for a long time.


 In conclusion, for “should feet hang over recliner chair?”, it is imperative to consider the above-mentioned tips to get the most out of your recliner chairs and to achieve the best possible comfort and relaxation when sitting in them.

We have briefly discussed the benefits of elevating your legs and putting your feet slightly over the footrest of a recliner to be more aware of small details that significantly influence your life.

As a final word, please share this article with your loved ones and family members who often sit in a recliner chair, and this will help them stay away from bad posture and rest their feet properly in a safe way while reclining.


Why Do My Feet Go Numb When Reclined?

Prolonged sitting or reclining in a position that puts too much pressure on the nerves or reduces blood flow can cause numbness in their feet. To prevent foot numbness follow:
1. Elevate your legs in the right way when sitting or reclining in a recliner.
2. Don’t sit or recline for too long in the same position.
3. Change your reclining position frequently.

Why Do My Feet Ache When I Sit In A Reclining Chair?

There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing foot pain. Either you are not using the correct recliner that supports your feet and lower body adequately, or you are sitting incorrectly for long periods of time.
In addition, you could be dangling your feet too far over the end of the footrest of the recliner which may be causing pressure to the below area of your hips.
Therefore, be sure that you use the right recliner that encourages a healthy sitting posture while providing maximum support for your feet and overall body.

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