How Much Does A Recliner Weigh?

For those who are often shifting furniture, the question of how much does a recliner weigh can be quite bothersome.

The weight of an average recliner varies depending on the size and build of the chair. Generally, recliners can weigh anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds. To determine your exact recliner’s weight, consulting with the manufacturer or retailer is recommended. However, you can also take measurements yourself in order to estimate its weight:

  • Note down relevant measurements, such as the recliner’s height, width and depth.
  • Calculate the approximate volume by multiplying these figures together, then dividing by 27 (as a single cubic foot weighs approximately 27 lbs).
  • Use the density of the materials within your recliner to guesstimate its overall weight. For example, leather recliners tend to be heavier than fabric ones due to their higher density material.

What Factors Affect the Weight of My Recliner?

Depending on your recliner, the material it’s constructed with – such as wood, metal or synthetic fibers – can affect its weight. Additionally, the type of cushioning material used in the seat and back of your recliner can add extra bulk to the chair.

Let’s see in detail the seven factors that influence the weight of a recliner.

1. Materials Used

The materials used in constructing a recliner have a huge effect on its weight. Recliners made of metal, wood, or leather tend to be heavier than those constructed out of plastic or nylon. The type of foam padding used can also contribute—for example, solid foam might be heavier than shredded foam.

2. Size of the Recliner

The size and shape of your recliner will obviously have an impact on its weight; larger recliners are generally heavier than smaller versions, as they need more material for construction. Also consider the shape: a wide-angled model may use more hardware and thus weigh more.

3. Lift Mechanism

Recliners with mechanisms that allow you to adjust the chair’s angle may need additional hardware like pistons or brackets and will likely be heavier overall. You can choose between manual lift mechanisms or those that rely on electric power, like a motorized base—the latter usually require more parts, increasing the overall weight of the recliner.

4. Frame Design

The frame design of your recliner will also affect its weight; different designs require different amounts of metal components or materials that add extra heft to the overall piece. For instance, some frames are designed with extra cross supports, while others feature swooping curves which reduce material usage but add visual flair. Consider how all these design elements come together to create the finished product before making your selection!

5. Recline Functionality

Reclining chairs can come with different functionalities—like footrests and headrests—which add extra pieces that weigh down the chair itself. Additionally, certain types of recline functionality tend to require more heavy-duty components to execute their tasks properly and reliably over time, causing them to weigh more than simpler mechanisms (such as a simple rocking motion).

6. Upholstering and Add-Ons

The fabric chosen for upholstery influences the overall weight of a recliner significantly; bulky fabrics tend to weigh down chairs much faster than light suede options do, for instance—so if you’re looking to buy a lightweight model you should pay attention to this detail! Additional features such as cup holders could also increase your recliner’s total mass depending on what material they’re made from (metal being heavier than plastic).

7. Overall Build Quality

Finally, it’s important not to overlook build quality when looking at various models; cheap builds may lack durable frames as well as sturdy fabrics/materials/hardware which means they won’t last long and will be much lighter compared to higher quality builds which feature strong frames that can bear more weight without buckling over time!

Why Do Different Types of Recliners Weigh Differently?

Recliners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, each with its own unique features. In addition to the aesthetic differences between them, the weight of each type of recliner can vary drastically due to the materials used in their construction and how they are designed.

Power Recliners

Power recliners typically weigh more because they are designed with more structure and materials that make them able to move. These components include motors, wiring for power, and a frame that supports its greater weight. Without these components, power recliners would not be able to move or tilt back like regular recliners—a feature many consumers desire from a power recliner.

Manual Recliners

Manual recliners tend to weigh less than power recliners because they do not require any additional wiring or motors as part of their design. Manual recliners have an internal mechanism under the seat cushion that is operated manually by moving a lever or handle located on either side of the chair. This mechanism allows it to tilt back and lock into place without any additional power sources. Although manual recliners are heavier than some other types of chairs, they generally weigh much less than their power counterparts due to fewer materials being used in the design.

Rocker Recliner:

Rocker recliners are a type of manual recliner that feature rocking mechanisms in addition to the tilting function. The rocking mechanism can add additional weight to the recliner depending on what materials it is designed with. This extra weight can be from metal components like springs, levers and arm braces that give the chair its rocking motion. Rocker recliners also require a stronger frame which can add extra heft to the overall piece.


Finding out how much a recliner weighs can be helpful in choosing a design that works best for you and your space.

Taking into account factors like construction material and cushioning will help ensure that your new chair is both comfortable and safe from tipping due to uneven distribution of weight.

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