7 Reasons Why Do I Sleep Better In A Recliner Than A Bed?

Whether you’re dealing with a bad back, stiff joints, or sleepless nights, it could be time to think about investing in a recliner.

Studies have shown that sleeping in a recliner can bring the same benefits as sleeping in an adjustable bed so if you’re looking for comfort and better rest, then this article is for you.

7 Reasons Why You Sleep Better In A Recliner Than A Bed

The question of why one might sleep better in a recliner than in a bed is complex and has many potential answers. Generally, there are three primary factors that may contribute to the feeling of improved sleep when using a recliner instead of a bed: position, comfort, and support.


In most cases, recliners provide you with more options for positioning than beds do. Depending on the strength and adjustability of your particular recliner model, you can often find positions that more effectively accommodate your body type or sleeping style. This improved positioning can lead to more restful sleep throughout the night.


Many types of recliners come equipped with a wide range of adjustable comfort features designed to provide optimal cushioning and support for your body while you sleep. From headrests to lumbar supports and footrests, there are numerous types of recliners available on the market today that offer increased levels of comfort over traditional mattresses or box springs.


The supportive nature of most quality recliners provides extra stabilization around joints and tendons while sleeping, reducing pressure points in areas like hips and shoulders which can otherwise disrupt sound rest. Moreover, many forms of adjustable lumbar support found in modern-day recliners have been proven to help alleviate lower back pain caused by poor posture or other misalignments during sleep.

Benefits of Keeping Feet Elevated in Recliners

Recliners often come with a footrest that can be used to elevate your feet while you’re resting. Keeping your feet elevated helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs as a result, since gravity is no longer pushing blood downwards. This can help to make your relaxation time even more comfortable and also provide many health benefits over time!

Reduce snoring

Recliners can be a great choice to help reduce snoring. Since recliners allow one to sleep in an upright or semi-upright position, it helps keep airways open and can lead to less snoring than when sleeping flat on a mattress. This not only helps the person using the recliner have better sleep but also their partner as well!

Stress Relief

Having a recliner to relax in can be incredibly beneficial for stress relief. The comfort of the recliner allows your body to sink into it and helps to reduce any tension you have built up throughout the day. As a result, the relaxation that comes from sitting in a recliner can help to reduce stress and anxiety which are potential causes of insomnia. This can lead to more restful sleep and a feeling of refreshed in the morning.

Enhancing Overall Sleep Quality

Sleeping in a recliner gives you more control over how much pressure is being placed on your body as well as improved blood circulation compared to traditional beds which can contribute to improved quality of sleep overall.

For these reasons and more, it’s no surprise why so many people report improved sleep when utilizing a quality recliner instead of a bed – both night after night and long term!

Types of Recliners For Optimized Comfort While Sleeping

It’s important to choose the right type of recliner for maximum comfort and relaxation during sleep:

  • Rockers/Gliders – These types of chairs provide gentle rocking motion for those who like some soothing movement before settling down for the night. This helps relax muscles and reduce stress levels allowing one to drift off quickly into dreamland!
  • Lift & Power Recliners – Equipped with motors these chairs make it easy to adjust settings such as lifting/lowering height, tilting backrests, etc without having to manually move around bulky furniture pieces every time you want something changed up! Ideal for those who lack mobility but want optimized comfort while resting & relaxing!
  • Swivel Recliners – Swivel recliners are great if you tend to move around when trying to find ‘the perfect spot’ when settling down for bedtime. These chairs easily rotate from side to side allowing one to explore different pressure points on their body until they find what feels just right! A great option if looking for portability without compromising on quality!

How To Choose The Perfect Recliner For Optimal Sleep Comfort

While choosing optimal comfort may seem subjective – there are some tips & tricks that anyone should consider when selecting their perfect seat for slumber:

  • Consider Your Physical Needs: Identify if you need enhanced head, neck, or back support for optimal comfort – may mean investing more into higher quality materials that fit with those specifications & desired level of cushioning/support depending on individual needs!
  • Determine Space Availability: Measure the space where your recliner will be placed beforehand – this avoids any unsightly squeezing out due to not fitting width/height/length restrictions prior to buying a said item– potentially even saving money too if avoiding oversized items due to narrow spaces at home!
  • Research Available Options/Price Points: Compare a variety of recliners available among multiple stores (online + offline) within budget range using customer reviews & ratings etc… helps guarantee satisfaction when picking the perfect piece without breaking the bank account afterward either!


Sleep is incredibly important for overall health, well-being, and mental clarity, making sure you choose the right recliner to sleep in can help ensure your body is properly supported and relaxed.

Consider the points mentioned above to make sure you are getting a quality product that will last for years, without breaking your budget!

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