How To Clean Leather Recliner Chair? 2nd Method Is Worth Trying!

Do you have any leather recliner chair you enjoyed for years, but now it’s starting to look shabby? Well, you might be interested in knowing that leather recliners are actually very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. You can also use a leather recliner cleaner to help keep them looking new. 

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you begin cleaning your leather recliner so that it stays in pristine condition for many more years to come.

So in this article, I am here with a comprehensive guide on how to clean a leather recliner chair, whether it’s your beloved lazy boy faux leather recliner or any leather upholstery chair. 

Things You Need To Clean A Leather Recliner

How to clean a leather recliner? Well read on to find out 2 amazing methods!

So the topic is not just limited to cleaning the leather recliner. With the method I am about to share, you can clean and protect any leather seat in your house safely and effectively with very few products cost or skills needed.  

However, the products I listed in the following points can simplify the cleaning process. Even so, I suggest you just use what you have at your disposal and fix your budget accordingly.

For 1st Method

  • leather cleaner.
  • Leather Brush.

For 2nd Method

  • Micrrofiber Towel

Read on to find out if the first or second method will work for you. Since it will depend on the condition of your leather recliner and the results you are getting with the technique, I will share.  

How to Clean A Leather Recliner Chair? Lets Dive Deep

Step 1: Remove the Dust and Dirt

To prevent soiling the leather, you should firstly remove any dust and dirt from the chair before you begin cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and dirt from the chair. It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to get the best results. You can also use a damp cloth depending on what you have.

Step 2: Use Of leather cleaner & Leather Brush

  • First, you need a leather cleaner to clean your leather recliner chair.
  • Next, you need a leather brush designed to work on even the most sensitive leather. Avoid stiffer upholstery or carpet brushes which can certainly scratch leather finishes. 
  • Next, spray your cleaner directly on the recliner seat or directly on the leather brush to avoid any chemical run that could potentially stain the leather finish.

Step 3: Scrub The Recliner In Different Directions

  • Based on how dirty the recliner is, you must scrub it in different directions. This is because it gives better results than longer strokes and just scrubbing in one direction.
  • It is highly recommended that you start with one test section for effective cleaning and tracing of the results. It can be the headrest, seat, or even any recliner part. The reason is that after cleaning one area, you may then proceed to another if you find that it has been effective and bringing results.
  • To clean very dirty leather, use a circular motion on small areas of the recliner. You can start cleaining the recliner headrest first if you want to. Once you have done this in a circular motion for a few minutes, you will notice that the small area is becoming cleaner. Then use a back and forth motion applying moderate pressure to remove any stubborn dirt and dust.
  • The cleaner should be sprayed on the brush, and you should take care not to overpress the brush as this can damage leather upholstery.
You can also use The Chemical Guys Tan Workhorse XL Microfiber Towel at full strength to maximize cleaning efficiency, which I will share in the upcoming 2nd Method. Just be sure you understand the process and follow the advice to get the best result when cleaning leather chairs.

Step 4: Wiping Off 

  • When you scrub your leather chair with a leather brush, try to give your cleaner a little time to cut through the surface grime.
  • Well, when it comes to wiping off. Use a clean rag or sponge and wipe off the leather chair with a single stroke and with a little pressure to remove the cleaner and lifted grime. 
  • Avoid wiping back and forth, as it will just going to push that grime back into the seat.

Step 5: Observe And Clean The Surface Further

The reason for recommending you test section at the beginning of step 3 at point 2 is because you can alter your technique if you are not getting better results by inspecting your results after following the cleaning procedure as explained above.

  • So, if you haven’t removed all the grime or dirt, you can adjust your technique by working smaller sections using a little more cleaner. 
  • If you find that the dirt is actually coming off super easy, you can even go the opposite way and work larger sections to save time and increase productivity.

Final Remarks 

So before cleaning your leather recliner with the use leather brush, you should first test your leather cleaner on a small section of the recliner and see if you are getting the results you are looking for.

If you are getting the results you are looking for; you can then move on to the whole recliner. If not, then here’s the second method on how to clean leather recliner chair.

Second Effective Method To Clean Leather Recliners

If you find that in the first test section, you had removed around 80 to 90% of existing grime and dirt off the leather and willing to remove the further 10 to 20%, then the best way to remove that is to do another quick pass and repeat the process again.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there is a second effective method by using The Chemical Guys Microfiber towel to clean the leather chair.

Below, you’ll find some more detailed information about the leather cleaning towel:

  • Features of the microfiber cloth
  • Its benefits for cleaning leather recliners, and
  • Steps for how to effectively clean leather reclining chairs with a microfiber towel for the best results.

Features Of Micro Fiber Towel

  • It is made of a 70/30 blend microfiber material that gives you scratch-resistant results without damaging the leather upholstery. Since it is made of soft microfiber, it will not harm the leather and also works on all colors.
  • This tan microfiber towel is specially made for cleaning leather, which will remove dirt and oils from the leather surface of any chair.
  • Furthermore, it is a versatile towel that can clean both vinyl leather and synthetic leather.
  • It is very durable as it is made of premium quality microfiber, which will last for years.

Benefits Of Using Microfiber Towel For Cleaning Leather Chair

The following are some benefits of Chemical Guys microfiber over a leather brush when cleaning the chair:

  • The microfiber towel for cleaning leather chairs allows you to do cleaning more conveniently by scrubbing those surface areas of the chair that you can’t clean using a leather brush.
  • It will also work better than a leather brush because it saves you time from going through each section twice. Using a leather brush, you have to be careful not to apply extra force that can damage the leather surface. However, in the case of a microfiber towel, you can apply gentle force without fear of damaging the chair’s surface.

How To Clean Leather Recliner Chair With Use of Microfiber Towel

The steps you need to take to clean a chair with a towel are very similar to the ones you take to clean your chair with a leather brush. For a better understanding, follow these steps:  

Step 1: Apply Cleaner

So firslty, you will need to apply the cleaner directly onto the microfiber towel.

Step 2: Start Whiping

In the second step, instead of cleaing small section of the recliner chair, you should start wiping the whole section of the chair at once. This will less the time in cleaing.

Step 3: Apply Every Section

An additional advantage of using the towel instead of a leather brush is that the towel easily conforms to your hand. Therefore, it would be easy for you to slide into those areas of the chair for cleaning that are harder to access with the brush.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Leather Recliner?

Watch this video to understand better how to remove stains from leather recliners.

Final Remarks

Hopefully by following the cleaning method with microfibre towels, you will see the difference as the leather surface will be perfectly clean without any more aggressive cleaning required.

However, regardless of what chemical, strength, or tool you use to clean leather recliner, once you do a test section and determine the best method for you, then it’s merely a matter of repeating the process over the rest of the leather. So I hope you now know how to clean leather recliner.


How Do You Maintain A Leather Recliner?

Leather recliners require special care and maintenance to maintain their shine. 
However, you can prevent unnecessary damages from occurring with the right precautions and regular maintenance. To maximize the life of your recliner, thoroughly clean the furniture with leather cleaner and apply a leather protector.
Also, keep your leather chair away from heat sources such as a radiator or stove as it can damage the upholstered leather.

How Often Should I Clean A Leather Recliner?

The answer to how often I should clean a leather recliner is really simple and one of the most important aspects of keeping your leather chair well maintained.
Leather recliners should be cleaned every few months, depending on the frequency of use and the type of leather used. When you clean the leather, you should use a leather cleaner and a soft microfiber towel to remove any dust and debris. It’s also important to apply a leather protector or wax to keep the leather supple.

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