How To Clean A Recliner Headrest?

Cleaning the headrest of your recliner is an important part of maintaining it. With regular use, your recliner headrest can become dirty, and stains can accumulate on the fabric and make it difficult to clean.

In this guide, we will show you how to clean a recliner headrest quickly and easily according to the upholstered material type. Follow these simple steps, and your headrest will look like new and smell fresh again in no time!

How Many Types Of Recliner Headrest Material And How To Deal With Them For Better Cleaning

Reclining chair headrests are crafted from various materials, all of which have their own special characteristics. Leather, vinyl, and fabric are the most common materials.

  1. Leather is a durable material that can be easily cleaned. However, it can be susceptible to stains if not cleaned properly. To clean your leather recliner headrest, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and use mild soap. Alternatively, you can use a leather cleaner. To prevent water spots from forming, it is important to dry the headrest after cleaning completely.
  2. Vinyl is another popular type of recliner headrest material. In addition to being easy to clean, vinyl can also crack or tear if not properly handled. To clean your vinyl recliner headrest, gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you notice any cracks or tears, patch them up with a vinyl repair kit before cleaning.
  3. Fabric is the most delicate type of recliner headrest material. Fabric recliner headrests are easily stained, and they’re not as durable as leather or vinyl. If your fabric recliner headrests need to be cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. To effectively remove any dirt or dust trapped in the fabric, vacuum in both directions. Alternatively, you can spot clean your headrest with a solution of mild soap and water. If possible, it is always good to test the cleaning solution on a small area first to ensure it won’t damage the upholstered material of the recliner headrest.

How To Clean A Recliner Headrest (Step By Step Process)

Once you have determined what material your recliner headrest is made from, you can start cleaning it. Follow these steps to clean your recliner headrest quickly and easily.

  1. Begin by vacuum cleaning the headrest. Dust and dirt trapped in the fabric can be removed with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Make sure you vacuum in both directions to remove all dirt and dust.
  2. If your headrest is made of leather, wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap. You can also use a leather cleaner if desired. Be sure to dry the headrest completely after cleaning to prevent any water spots from forming.
  3. If your headrest is made of vinyl, wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you notice any cracks or tears, patch them up with a vinyl repair kit before cleaning.
  4. If your headrest is made of fabric, spot clean it with a mild soap and water solution. Be sure to test the soap on an inconspicuous area of the headrest first to ensure it does not damage the fabric.
  5. Once you have finished cleaning your recliner headrest, be sure to vacuum it again to remove any soap residue.

Now that you know how to clean your recliner headrest, you can keep it looking like new for years to come!

Does Every Recliner Headrest Can Be Taken Off For Cleaning Purposes

Not all recliner headrests can be removed for cleaning. The headrest may be permanently attached or removable in accordance with the style of the recliner.

If the headrest is removable, it will likely have a zipper or some other type of closure that allows you to take it off. However, if the headrest is permanently attached, it will likely be upholstered and cannot be removed.

Regardless of the case, it is best to find out from the recliner manufacturer if the headrest can be removed before attempting to do so.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning The Recliner Headrest

Here are five things you should avoid while cleaning the headrest of a recliner:

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners since they can damage the material.
  2. Make sure you do not soak the headrest in water since it may cause the material to warp.
  3. Avoid drying the headrest under direct sunlight, as the fabric will fade.
  4. Do not put the headrest in the washing machine as it can cause damage to the machine.
  5. Avoid using a steam cleaner on the headrest because it will damage the material.

Recliner Headrest Maintenance

The condition of your recliner headrest can also be maintained by following a few other steps:

  1. Vacuum it regularly to remove any dust and dirt.
  2. If your headrest is made of leather, condition it periodically to prevent it from drying out and cracking.
  3. If your headrest is made of fabric, brush it regularly to prevent any dirt or dust from accumulating on it.


I hope you have gained some helpful tips on how to clean a recliner headrest from the article above. With these tips, you can keep your recliner headrest looking great for years to come! Thanks for reading!

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