How To Close A Footrest On A Recliner? (Easy Tips & Tricks)

Your recliner footrest provides you with a place to rest your feet when you recline. It is also used to elevate the legs, which helps in promoting healthy blood flow. But the real problem people face is how to close the footrest mechanism of their recliner because manufacturers make products in different ways, so people are confused about how to operate the mechanism.

Therefore, in this article, we will demonstrate how to close a footrest on a recliner, especially if you are unfamiliar with it.

How to Close A Footrest On A Recliner Chair (Easy Steps)

The following steps explain how to close the footrest of a recliner easily. Also, keep in mind to read the complete guide for a comprehensive overview of recliner footrests and how to close them.

1. Be in a gravity balance position (reclined TV position), where your footrest is lifted flat.

2. Lean towards the footrest and use your bodyweight to kick back the footrest. This will put the footrest back to its original position, and it is very easy to do.

Now let’s see what mistake people make which makes it difficult to close the footrest on a recliner.

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What Are the Mistakes People Make Which Makes It Difficult To Close The Recliner Footrest?

Many people make the mistake of trying to close the recliner footrest while being reclined and leaning back. This actually makes it very hard to close the footrest because, as stated, the footrest is not locking into its original closed position due to leaning or pressing the backrest of the recliner.

Therefore, make sure you lean towards the footrest to close the footrest properly.

Watch the below video for a practical demonstration

How Do I Make My Recliner Footrest Close Easier? (Both Manual & Power Recliners)

Take the case of a manual recliner.

A manual recliner usually has two types of mechanisms: 

  • One has a lever on the right side that opens and locks the footrest, and 
  • The other is operated by leaning towards the footrest and using your body weight to push the footrest back, like a push-back recliner.

So, depending on the recliner you have, you need to use the correct technique to close a recliner footrest.

Take the case of a recliner footrest that has a power recliner.

To close the power recliner footrest, you have to press the button on the armrest or remote control to close the footrest. 

There is a problem with a power recliner’s footrest. The footrest comprises several parts, and each part is crucial for the recliner’s overall functioning. Therefore, you must use the power recliner properly and take proper care of it to avoid damaging its mechanism.

What Is A Power Reclining Sofa?

A power reclining sofa has a mechanism that uses the motor’s power to recline with the push of a button on the armrest or remote control. They have a motorized mechanism.

Power recliners are not just great for reclining experince. Many people use them for watching television, sleeping, or even sitting upright for reading a book. They are easy to operate and come in many different styles. They are generally used in living rooms or bedrooms.

Why Won’t My Electric Recliner Go Down?

Here are some common reasons why a power recliner won’t go down.

Check your power cord: Check the power cord is plugged into the wall correctly and the wall outlet is working.

Footrest or cable may have become loose: Sometimes, the footrest or cable may have become loose. This can happen if the footrest or cable is not properly tightened. If it is, make sure you tighten it back up.

Check your controls: Make sure the controls on the recliner are working correctly. Check the controls are working by pushing the power button on the remote control or the armrest. If the controls are not working, then try to seek professional help.

What Should I Do If My Power Recliner Is Stuck In The Upright Position?

When you find that a chair has been left in an upright position, it may have been caught on something. This can happen when someone gets up from their seat or bumps into one of these pieces of furniture.

There is a possibility that something has caught underneath or behind the footrest of your chair if the chair is reclining and you can’t get it upright. If the chair is too tall or the footrest isn’t completely closed, this can also happen.

Things To Fix A Power Recliner If it’s Stuck in the Upright Position?

  • By checking the floorboards under your footrest and removing any objects stuck there, you should be able to close the footrest. If you find anything stuck there, simply pull them out and press the release button to close it!
  • Secondly, you may need to ensure that your power cord is plugged into the wall correctly and the outlet is functioning. A lack of power can stop the power recliner mechanisms and cause it to remain upright.

Why Is It Hard To Close My Recliner?

Many reasons can make closing the recliner footrest and reclining mechanism difficult. Listed below are some of them.

  • A broken cable release.
  • Poor technique while using a recliner.
  • A loose latch mechanism.
  • A loose internal screw.
  • Worn down screws.

Final Words

I hope you have gained enough knowledge to know “how to close a footrest on a recliner.” Understanding the above-detailed tips and guides on operating reclining chairs will make your furniture last longer and provide greater comfort.

The reason is we discussed the best technique for closing the recliner’s footrests along with several other factors, including taking care of them while using the reclining mechanism. 

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