Is A Recliner Good For Herniated Disc? (Guide) – 2022

A herniated disc is a type of injury to the spine that causes pain and can cause other health problems. In many cases, chronic disc herniations lead to lower back pain. These conditions are very painful and debilitating. If you have been experiencing severe lower back pain or have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you may wonder if a recliner is an option for you.

Many people have heard that recliners are bad for herniated discs, but is this really true? In this article, we will examine this issue and determine is a recliner good for herniated discs?

To begin, let me give you a few sentences on what a herniated disc is, followed by a detailed guide to help you decide whether recliners are good or bad for your painful symptoms.

What Is Herniated Disc?

Herniated disc (also known as bulging, ruptured or slipped discs) can form anywhere along the spine but most commonly appear in the lower back. It is one of the reasons why people suffer from chronic disc pain. It is often caused by improper sitting posture, heavy lifting, sudden motions and ageing.

Is A Recliner Good For Herniated Disc? Lets Dive Inside:

To answer the question, is a recliner good for herniated discs? Any comfortable recliner that provides adequate back support can be used by individuals with a herniated or bulging disc. Just be sure you choose a recliner that has lumbar support. Conversely, if you have a chair that lacks lumbar back support, use pillows to avoid unsupportive gaps.

It has been noted that reclining chairs are the best sitting options for people with spinal disorders until they choose the ideal recliner for herniated disc. Let’s take a look at what the potential risks are:  

Can Reclining Help With Disc Herniation Symptoms?

Recliner chairs provide a comfortable sitting position for people who have problems related to back pain. They are also helpful for people who suffer from other health conditions requiring rest. When reclining, the pressure on the spine is the least, which can ease back pain symptoms caused by herniated discs. A recliner also offers more support and stability than a regular chair.

However, it must be noted that not all recliners are constructed equally, and some may not be suitable for people with a bulging discs. So as long as you sit in the correct posture and choose an appropriate recliner, reclining can only strengthen your muscles.

What Are The Risks Of A Recliner For People With Herniated Disc Pain?

The risks of a recliner include the following:

Improper Positioning Of The Back

If you have a herniated disc, you need to pay close attention to the backrest of the recliner. Make sure that it is well-padded and provides adequate back support, so you should be able to place your head and shoulders comfortably in the recliner with no lumbar pressure on your spine.

If you feel pressure on your spine while reclining, you need to pay attention to that, as it can cause further nerve damage and worsen the pain.

Likewise, when facing such pressure on your back, you should adjust your reclining position frequently to find the most comfortable angle. Additionally, it would be best to place an extra pillow or specifically lumbar pillows so that your lumbar region is adequately supported while sitting in a recliner.

Uncomfortable Posture

Improper sitting posture, such as slouching or hanging your head forward in a recliner, can cause further damage to your discs.

To prevent this, sit properly and keep your spine and neck in a natural position. In addition, you should avoid slouching and make sure you sit with proper spinal alignment.

Prolonged Sitting In A Recliner Can Be Harmful To People With Herniated Disc

Although using a recliner is good for your back, if your lifestyle is sedentary, you might have increased risk factors for reclining. The recliner cannot be held responsible for this as you chose the lifestyle. 

You can get the benefits of a recliner, but you should not stay in one for too long as it can damage your disc. So, you should get up and walk around after a while.

However, if you are elderly and cannot stand, ensure that you use pillows and sit evenly on both hips to be protected from any harmful side effects of reclining.

As long as you keep these points in mind, a recliner is a good option for people who have herniated discs.

Herniated Disc Pain Exercises And Streches

Exercise and stretching have been proven to be helpful when it comes to back pain conditions such as herniated disc pain. Exercise and stretching are the most effective ways to reduce back pain symptoms and strengthen the back muscles. There are many different exercises that you can do to help ease spinal pain related to disc herniation. Some of the most common exercises and stretches include:

  1. Standing Lumbar Extension
  2. Prone On Elbows
  3. Cobra Pose

These exercises will benefit you the most if you do them 3 to 5 times a week for 3 weeks. For more information, read this article on 5 effective exercises for Herniated Disc Pain.

Below is a video for exercises for Herniated Disc, Disc Bulge L4-L5-S1


I hope now you are aware of how a recliner can worsen or relieve herniated disc pain. It is crucial that you choose the right recliner and get optimal support. The key to pain-free reclining is proper spinal alignment and the right reclining angle.

Note: If you have constant pain in your lower back, it is advisable to consult a doctor. They can help you with a proper diagnosis and provide you with the best treatment plan.

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