How to Prevent Your Recliner from Tipping? (Guide) – 2022

The recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture for relaxing after a long day. It’s perfect for watching TV or napping! You can recline back and put your feet up.   

But if you don’t take precautions, that recliner can easily become a safety hazard. This post will teach you how to prevent your recliner from tipping over. Read on for tips!

How Do We Know The Best Solution To Prevent Your Recliner From Tipping?

Keeping your family safe is important to you, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on   how do you prevent your recliner from tipping over.

We’ll go over the most common causes of tipping and show you some simple solutions that will keep your recliner stable and safe. So let’s get started!

What Causes Recliners Tip Over Problem?

There are a few different reasons why recliners tip over. They are:

  • The most common cause is when people try to stand up from the recliner without first disengaging the lever or handle. When you do this, the weight of your body can cause the recliner to tip over backwards. This is especially true if you’re taller or heavier than average.
  • Another common cause of tipping is when people lean too far to one side while they’re reclining. This can happen if you’re trying to reach for something or if you’re just not paying attention. The weight of your body leaning to one side can cause the recliner to tip over, and this is especially dangerous if you’re leaning towards a hard surface like a coffee table or a fireplace.
  • Finally, recliners can also tip over if they’re not level. Uneven legs most often cause this, but it can also happen if the floor is slanted or if the recliner is placed on an unstable surface.

How To Prevent Your Recliner From Tipping Over

Having identified the most common causes of tipping, let’s discuss how to prevent it.

Tip 1: The first and most helpful tip is always to use the lever or handle when you’re getting up from the recliner. This will take the weight off the recliner’s back legs and prevent it from tipping over. If you don’t have a lever or handle, be careful not to put too much pressure on the back of the recliner when you’re getting up.

Tip 2: Another key tip is ensuring your recliner is level. This can be done by adjusting the legs of the recliner or by placing it on a level surface. Alternatively, you can use furniture pads, sliding rugs or coasters to level out your recliner if you have an uneven floor.

Tip 3: If you just purchased a brand-new recliner, it’s always a good idea to test it before using it. You can do this by reclining in the chair and then standing up without using the lever or handle. If the recliner tips over, it’s not stable, and you should return it.

Tip 4: Lay flat recliners are more likely to tip over, so avoid buying them. The reason is that when heavy people recline fully in a lay flat recliner, the constant pressure on the backrest can cause it to tip over. For heavier people, look for brands of recliners such as Big Man’s.

Tip 5: Always check the complete mechanism of the recliner before sitting on it. If there is any type of looseness or fault in the recliner’s structure, do not use it and contact the recliner’s professional repairer or customer service.

Tip 6: Finally, be careful not to lean too far to one side when you’re reclining. If you need to reach for something, get up out of the recliner and walk over to it. This may seem like a pain, but it’s much better than having your recliner tip over and injuring yourself.

Does The Body Type Cause The Recliner Chair To Tip Over?

Yes, the body type does matter when it comes to tipping over in a recliner. If you are heavier than most people, you will need to be extra careful when getting in and out of the chair.

Avoid leaning too far to one side while sitting in your recliner. When getting up, avoid putting pressure on the back of the chair.

Following these tips will prevent you from tipping over the recliner.

What If The Recliner You Just Bought Tip Over Due To Your Body Weight?

If the recliner you just bought tips over due to your body weight, don’t worry. Most recliners come with a warranty that will cover this type of damage.

Contact the manufacturer of the recliner, and they will be able to help you get a replacement or a refund. Be sure to inform them as soon as possible so they can take care of it promptly.

Watch the video below for practical advice from a professional recliner repair guy on how to prevent your recliner from tipping over.


To avoid tipping over in your recliner and sustaining injuries, practice caution when sitting down or standing up from the chair. Make sure to check that the recliner is level on all sides before you get settled. If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid tipping over in your recliner.

If you have questions about preventing your recliner from tipping over, feel free to leave a comment below. We’d be happy to help!

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