How To Stop Recliner From Sliding On Carpet? (Guide) – 2022

If you have ever experienced your recliner chair sliding on carpet or tile floor, it’s probably one of the most frustrating things ever. There are times when you try getting up after sitting down on a recliner and it simply slides back down.

The purpose of this blog post is to explain“how to stop recliner from sliding on carpet?” Moreover, the recommendations and techniques that we are going to discuss apply to every surface that provides less friction and which can make furniture slide when we stand up or leave, as this can potentially damage the upholstery of the recliner and the carpet.

To prevent your furniture from sliding on the carpet, and to keep it stable, I don’t want to suggest any expensive tool or toolbox that will fix your problem.

However, there are some simple and instant measures that I have found best for preventing heavy furniture from sliding on the carpet, as well as some instant non-skid materials that should be in every house to keep furniture from moving and to keep them in the correct position. 

Let’s take a look at some general steps you can do by yourself to prevent the recliner from sliding on carpeted areas

Place recliners in the corners as they make big difference:

You may be wondering What do carpet corners have to do with support? The only thing that you must keep in mind is that the corners of the carpet must be properly fitted and installed.

In the corners of the carpets, there are less dirt and dust which are brought in by footwear, and therefore placing the furniture in the corner of the carpet makes it more stable, since there is good friction that keeps it from moving around.

Therefore, if the furniture is placed in the corner, it will stay in place without moving around, because there is less dirt and dust in the corner.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

Having a clean and freshly laid carpet can provide a lot of friction, which helps keep your recliner’s legs stable. Carpet materials are also good at absorbing dust, so they can also protect your furniture from dust and dirt on the floor.  

You should now understand why the carpet should be kept clean because it provides needed friction that can stabilize your furniture or chair feet, and if you do not take care of the cleanliness of the carpet, then your furniture may slide.

It is important to note, however, that carpets can easily become dirty if they are not properly maintained. Therefore, having dirty old carpets professionally cleaned is the best way to clean them. They can get rid of all the dirt and dust, and give them good vacuuming. You can also do it yourself, but this will take time and effort.

Make sure your furniture is anchored

In some cases, carpeting cannot withstand the pressure applied by recliners or other pieces of heavy furniture because their weight pulls the carpet away from the floor, resulting in the furniture moving around.

So anchoring your furniture can be an effective solution if the recliner sliding is common on the carpet. By anchoring furniture it ensures that your furniture feet don’t slide on the carpet or wooden floor whenever someone sits or suddenly stands up.

What can you put under a recliner to keep it from sliding?

You can put a rug pad, Furniture grippers, or protective pads under a recliner to prevent it from sliding. Let’s Find out how and what to consider before using them.

Place Your Furniture On A Thick Rug Pad

If you have a carpet that is thin, then you should consider placing your furniture on a thick rug pad as they act as gripper pads. It is important to note that if the carpet is thick, then the friction between the floor and the rug will be high.

If you are not sure what to consider before choosing a rug pad then follow the suggestions given below:

  • Make sure the rug pads are thick enough to provide enough friction to keep your furniture legs stable.
  • Make sure that the rug pads are large enough to accommodate the size of your furniture and are able to prevent heavy furniture from sliding on the carpet pile.
  • Make sure the rug pads are soft enough to provide comfort and prevent the furniture or recliner chair from slipping.
  • Make sure the rug or pad is easy to clean.

So, make sure that the rug pad has the above-mentioned qualities so it can be used for a long time. After that just place the rug pad beneath the recliner and above the carpet to create friction that was previously absent.

Our recommended solution( Furniture Grippers):

Furniture grippers are the preferred option for recliners and heavy furniture to prevent them from sliding on a carpet. Generally, they come in a pack of four or more, They may, however, be your most viable solution if you’re still wondering what’s the best way or how to stop a recliner from sliding on the carpet.

As furniture grippers provide maximum friction and hold on the carpet, it is important to make sure that they are installed properly and in the right location (legs of your recliner).    Also, they are best used on wood floors or laminate flooring as they prevent sliding and provide more friction on carpeted areas or wood floors.

Place A Protective Mat Under Your Recliner From Sliding On Carpeted Flooring

You can also prevent your furniture or recliner from sliding on the flooring if you place a protective mat underneath it. Since a recliner chair is different from the typical chair in that it is covered from below its reclining mechanism, you should take advantage and place a protective mat beneath the chair to prevent it from sliding and to fulfill the needed friction and hold on to the carpet.

It is important to note that a protective mat is a simple solution to the problem of furniture sliding on a carpet as they are a non-slip pad. A protective mat is an inexpensive way to prevent furniture from sliding on the hardwood floors and tile floors too.

 However, you should choose the right mat for your floor, as a protective mat for a hardwood floor is not the same as a protective mat for a carpeted floor.

How do you prevent a recliner from sliding on tile floors?

The process of preventing the recliner from sliding on a tile is similar to making it stop on the carpet. Smooth, shiny, and slick tiles have less friction than rough or grippy surfaces. The tiles make it easy to move furniture around on them.

The lifespan of tile flooring is longer than other types, and it has smudge resistance as opposed to damage. The most likely result will be a dirty surface that needs buffing.

So to make your furniture or recliner slide free on a tile floor, you must gently sit and stand. Avoid doing jerk movements, as they may cause the furniture legs to move. Furniture grippers can help too.

How to prevent my rocker recliner from sliding on the carpet?

If you are still curious or you have a rocker recliner instead of those traditional ones and want to know how do I keep my rocker recliner from sliding on the carpet? then, to be honest, the steps mentioned above apply to this area too,

Protective Mats

The area under the rocker recliner is also covered. You can place a protective mat in the hidden area of the Rocker recliner which should not be too thick or too thin.  If you do not know how to get the perfect one, you can contact professionals for help to buy protective mats.

Another case: Rough carpets

In another case, if you have a rough and old carpet, you should get a felt pad and place it beneath the heavy furniture or a rocker recliner to prevent it from sliding on the carpet.

Get a rug of the same color as your carpet:

You can also place a rug pad that matches the carpet underneath your rocker recliner to make it look the same color and to stop the rocker recliner from sliding on the carpet.


So these are the most efficient options and methods you can use if you are wondering how to stop a recliner from sliding on carpet.

Besides recliners and heavy furniture, these tips and techniques can also be applied to tables, racks, and a variety of other furniture items that slide on carpets, hardwood floors, or floors with low friction, such as vinyl floors, since sliding furniture can damage the vinyl floor.

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