How To Stop A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling? (Best Guide)

A swivel recliner is a recliner chair that is equipped with a swivel mechanism and here in this blog post I am writing “how to stop a swivel recliner from swiveling?” Actually, a few months ago I was having a problem with my swivel recliner in my living room and it got so bad that my son started calling it “the devil’s chair”.

So, I am going to share a detailed step-by-step guide that I have experienced and you may not know about which you can use to prevent swiveling recliners from turning. 

The most effective tips to stop your recliner chair from rocking by itself are described in this article So don’t worry if your chair is not stable and keeps on swiveling or rocking in the wrong direction.

What Are Some Tips To Stop A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling?

 Several tools can be used easily to stop a swivel recliner from rotating. A simple way to lock down the chair is to screw the swivel base together with the recliner base.

As an alternative, you can use a wedge, tape, rubber bands or glue, etc.

Procedures are simple and given below:

How To Stop A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling By Using  Wedges?

To stop the unwanted recliner chair’s swivel motion you can place a piece of wood or a wedge beneath the chair to block the movement. The wedges will prevent the chair from moving on its own and serve as a swivel lock.   

If the wedges are placed in the front of the mechanism, they will prevent the chair from swiveling forward.

You can also use this method if you want to swivel the chair in the reverse direction. This technique can be used to stop the chair from swiveling in any direction.

How To Stop Recliner Swivelling By Using Tape

Tape the rocking leg of your swivel chair with a piece of tape. Therefore, it will make the rocking leg more frictional with the floor, reducing the range of motion of the recliner while rocking or swiveling. Duct tape can also be used to secure the recliner to the floor.

Stopping Swivel Rocker Recliner from Swiveling By Using Rubber Bands?

Rubber bands provide more efficiency and effectiveness than tapes. Since the rubber band’s grip is better and more durable than tape that’s why rubber bands don’t fall off when dust and moisture are present, In this regard, a small rubber wedge can be used well.

To stabilize the swivel rocker recliner from swiveling by using rubber bands you have to get some rubber bands and wrap them around the leg of the rocking chair in such a way that it can be used as a stopper.

Make sure to Loop the rubber band in such a way that the loops can be used as stoppers. Then keep Twisting the loops around the leg of the rocking chair in such a way that the loops tighten the rubber band and make it more secure and it provides maximum support and friction between the recliner.

Disabling Swivel Feature Of A Recliner

Many recliner models feature a swivel feature that lets the user rotate the chair using his feet. This feature is useful for changing the direction of the chair. When the swivel function is disabled, the chair can no longer turn, and only the recliner and footrest are functional. The swivel may need to be disabled if the chair is close enough to knock over nearby furniture, such as a side table or bookshelf. In this process, screws are added to the base of the swivel chair. Instructions may vary according to the specific model.

How To Stop A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling By Using Glue?

Glue is an effective and inexpensive way to stop pieces of furniture from swiveling.  You can use the same glue to secure the circular base chair swivel to the floor as well by applying glue on the base of the chair. Glue or glue gun can be purchased from the local market.  To stop the swivel recliner from swiveling, you have to apply the glue on the leg of the recliner. The glue will make the leg of the recliner more secure and will make it difficult for the recliner to swivel left or swivel right.

Advantages Of Stopping A Swivel Recliner From Swiveling:

  • I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of the term “back pain”.  In case you are also suffering from the same problem, that may be the reason Since you are not sitting straight in a recliner with a comfortable position, your back is in an awkward position which results in lower back pain because your recliner does not provide the proper support for your back.   

“The solution to this problem is stopping the recliner from swiveling. You don’t need to replace your recliner. You just need to stop swiveling it by adding some screws or bolts.”

  • Another Advantage of stopping a swivel recliner from swiveling is that it will prevent you from doing any unwanted movement. Also, you will be able to sit in the recliner without any problem. The recliner will provide proper support to your back.

How Do You Lock A Swivel Glider Recliner?

 Swivel glider recliners include all the features of a regular chair with the addition of being able to swivel and glide. This means that you can adjust your view of the room while sitting to look at objects directly in front of you, as well as around you, without having to stoop down or move uncomfortably in a way that may cause pain to your body and cause back pain, hip pain, etc.  

Making Swivel Glider Recliner Locked And Stationary

The instructions for locking a swivel glider recliner may vary from model to model. So to make your swivel recliner chair stationary you have to lock the lever in one position. With the reclining locking lever, the chair will stay upright when you slouch forward and release the weight from the back. Usually, this is an easy process.

For other ways to lock the swivel recliner, then you will need to remove a few screws from the base of the recliner to stop it from swiveling. You can also use the locking mechanism of the chair itself to lock the recliner in one position.  

How To Make A Swivel Chair Stationary

There is a very common thing that you see everywhere in your house, which is the swivel chair. We use this chair for both of our jobs like typing and reading.

Swivel chairs can be made stationary in many ways. 

Method 1:

Method one involves drilling holes in your desk and attaching hooks and rings to the holes in order to make the chair stationary.

Method 2:

Method two to make the swivel mechanism of your chair stationery is that you can also make it stable by attaching a belt or strap to the chair. This way, the chair will move smoothly without any hindrance.

Method 3:

Method 4 is by drilling a hole in the back and bottom of the chair and then making a hook that is attached to the back of the chair. This method is very common and is used by most people to make their chairs stationary.

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