How To Move A Recliner By Yourself? (Guide) – 2022

Do you have an oversized, heavy recliner that is difficult to move? and you want to know “how to move a recliner by yourself?” It can be a real pain to try to get it out of the way when you need to clean or vacuum.

So here in this blog, we have discussed some basic things to make it happen easily. It might seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of effort, you can get the job done.

The Three Priorities Of Moving A Recliner Chair.

Now you’re ready to get started. Here are the three priorities to keep in mind:

Don’t Injure Yourself.

First, don’t injure yourself while moving the reclining chair. Be careful not to twist your back or pull a muscle.

Don’t Damage The Recliner.

Second, don’t damage the recliner. Make sure you support it correctly and avoid any sharp edges or corners. When moving heavy furniture, avoid losing and grip gently.

Don’t Damage The Surface:

Third, don’t scratch your flooring. Again, use some moving blankets or cardboard to protect the sensitive surfaces.

Can You Move A Recliner Alone? It Depends. Here’s What To Consider.

Be honest with yourself about your limits. If you are not very strong, you may want to ask your friend or family member to lift and move a recliner. If you are not very coordinated and have some tight space, you may hire professional movers. But if you think you can handle it, read on.

Make sure you have more space to move a reclining chair. Clear away any obstacles in your way, and be prepared for some hard work.

Protect your recliner and flooring. Put down some blankets or cardboard to prevent any damage.

Slippery Surfaces Can Be Dangerous When Moving Recliners Alone!

You have to be careful when moving recliners by yourself not to slip on slippery surfaces. Before you begin working, be sure to remove all small rugs, leather upholstery, or carpets from the area. You don’t want to take any chances of slipping and hurting yourself. Be careful and take your time to move it to the intended route!

How To Move A Recliner Chair Safely And Easily. Tips For Every Step Of The Process!

When moving a recliner, it is essential to consider the chair’s measurements and size. Then, measure the door and other entrances through which the chair will pass and be moved to the desired location. If there is not enough space, the recliner will be dismantled to get it out.

Recliner Moves: Tips For Taking It Apart and Putting It Back Together Again.

In some cases, it may be necessary to take the recliner apart to be easy to lift. As a precautionary measure, make sure you have all of the required tools available to put it back together once it has been moved to the intended route.

How To Move Heavy Furniture? 

So, the real question is, how do you move a heavy piece of furniture like a recliner chair? Well, we’ve got some tips and tricks from professional movers to help you out.

Furniture Sliders: The Easy Way to Move Without Damaging Your Flooring!

A furniture slider is an adjustable cushion that fits beneath furniture legs to protect the floor from scratches and scuffs. You can use your hands or feet to slide by placing the sliders beneath the legs of the recliner and couches. They are usually made of plastic, rubber, or cloth. Sliders are a great way to move heavy pieces on your own.

furniture sliders

There are several sliders you can choose from, depending on how heavy or oversized your furniture is. Smaller pieces of furniture can be moved using plastic or rubber sliders as the recliner fits easily, making movement easy. However, if you are moving a heavy piece, such as couches or a sofa, you will need sliders with wheels.

Shoulder Dollies: The Easy Way to Move Heavy Furniture Without Damaging Your Flooring!

Shoulder dollies are lifting straps that are a great way to move furniture without damaging your floors or back. They work by using two shoulder straps that attach to the furniture itself, allowing you to easily lift and transport the piece to its desired location.

You can also use a ratchet strap for easy movement. Unlike traditional dollies or movers, shoulder dollies do not require additional manpower – you can move independently.

You may want to consider shoulder dollies if you’re looking for an easy way to move the sofa!

Moving Blankets

We recommend you use moving blankets instead of sliders when moving. Furniture can be scratched or damaged by a sliding door, but blankets will protect it from scratches or dings.

In addition, a blanket, as opposed to a slider, makes the process way less complicated – you simply wrap the blanket around the chair and secure it with tape or pins. This ensures that your recliner moves safely and without any damage, and You can also wrap it to avoid stains.


A second option is hoisting, which involves dragging the recliner across the floor with ropes or chains. This method can be tricky because it’s easy to lose control and damage your furniture or floors. You’ll also need help in lifting, so ask a friend or family member for assistance before attempting this.

While hoisting can be helpful in lifting, it’s wise to use caution when doing so. An excessive force can easily damage or harm. Make sure you use proper technique and time when lifting heavy items.

How To Move A Reclining Chair Upstairs?

Moving a recliner upstairs can be difficult; you might need a helping hand. It takes effort to carry the chair upstairs. Ensure you have a clear path and don’t damage your walls or furniture. Take care not to lose your balance while moving the pieces upstairs.

Having a helper to push the chair up the stairs can be very helpful and make the process much easier. Be careful while the helper pushes and avoid rushing to avoid accidents.

Moving Your Recliner Chair Upstairs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below if planning to move your recliner chair upstairs:

Step 1

Firstly, measure the width of your chair, stairs, and gateway. It is recommended that the chair’s width be smaller than the width of the stairway.

Step 2

Second, clear a path from the bottom of the stairs to the room where you want the chair. Remove any obstructions. Get rid of anything blocking your way. etc

Step 3

Thirdly, remove the back of the recliner. This will make it lighter and easier to carry up the stairs.

Step 4

Fourthly, ask someone to assist you in carrying the chair upstairs. If no one is available to help, use a shoulder dolly or ratchet strap to secure the chair and take it yourself.

Step 5

Finally, avoid confusion by labeling each stair with a letter. For example, “A” for the first step from the bottom and “B” for the second step. Then, move your chair backwards one step at a time. This will help you keep track of where you are in the process.

Follow these steps to avoid any accidents while moving heavy furniture. Once you reach the top of the stairs, set the chair down carefully and enjoy your new location in your home!

How To Move A Recliner Chair Through A Narrow Door?

Moving a recliner chair through a narrow door is not an easy task. The reason for this is the reclining mechanism located inside the chair. To get it through the narrow door, you need to take off the backrest and then fold it down. This will make the chair much smaller and easier to move. After you have moved it into an upright position, you can then unfold the backrest and reattach it to the chair.

Be sure to use caution when doing this, as there is a lot of weight resting on the backrest. If you cannot take off the backrest or if it doesn’t fold down, you may need to call in some help from friends or family members. This will make the process much easier and less stressful.

For easy movement, follow these steps:

Step 1

If the recliner cannot fit through the narrow door, your first step should be to remove the hinges and door. Then, make sure you wrap it properly with plastic furniture wrap to prevent damage and avoid stains.

Step 2

If the door cannot be removed, try removing the backrest and folding it down. Finally, you can remove the removable pieces like the footrest, cup holder, etc. Before moving it.

Step 3

Make sure the back and front of the chair are lashed, so it doesn’t recline while being moved. Secure it well and lock the chair upright, so it doesn’t move around too much.

Step 4

Next, measure the width and depth of the recliner. Be sure to measure the edge from front to back as well.

Step 5

Next, measure the doorway. Ensure that you have at least two inches of space between the recliner and the wall. Once you have all your measurements, compare them to see if they will work. Finally, adapt the chair’s position to fit through the doorway easily without excessive force.

Once you have placed it but all of the removable pieces are back on, enjoy your new spot!

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