Are Recliners Bad For Your Posture (Guide) – 2022

If you have a recliner or going to get one soon, you’re probably wondering, are recliners bad for your posture?

Besides this, you may also think about the benefits of reclining. But you’re probably also concerned about the possible risks.

The good news is that this article describes how a reclining chair can be beneficial to your back posture. It also explains how recliners can provide adequate back support leading to proper posture.

However, remember that prolonged sitting in a cheap recliner chair with poor lumbar support can lead to improper body posture and back problems. So buckle up and prepare for a blog post in which I share everything you need to know about the relationship between your posture and the recliner chair.

Poor Posture vs. Good Posture

Bad Posture vs Good Posture (Recliners Comfy)

Poor posture results from bad sitting habits or daily activities. This can cause back and neck pain, as well as other health problems. Some other factors that contribute to poor posture include:

  • Wearing a heavy bag can lead to back problems.
  • Stress and Depression can cause tension.
  • Age can be a significant factor in poor posture.
  • Lack of mobility
  • Slouching or tilting your head incorrectly can put a strain on your cervical spine.

In addition, some diseases or injuries can also cause poor posture. These factors can adversely affect your daily life routine.

But the good news is that having the proper knowledge and having ergonomic furniture such as a recliner can improve poor posture—as good posture results from good sitting habits or improving daily activities. Having a well-maintained posture can also prevent back and neck pain, as well as other health problems. In order to check your posture, take the wall test.

The below video explains how to check if you have a good posture.

Are Recliners Bad For Your Posture? Lets Dive Inside:

Regardless of the type of chair you use, prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyles aren’t good for your health. However, cheap recliners with improper back supports are especially harmful. Therefore it is vital to choose a recliner chair that provides adequate back support.

In answer to the question, are recliners bad for your posture? Slumping and hunching are bad for your back while sitting in a recliner. Research has shown that sitting in a 135-degree reclined position puts the slightest amount of pressure on the spinal region, and it’s also better than sitting in the upright position.

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Two Things That Can Cause Poor Posture While Sitting In A Recliner

However, besides the above discussion, there are two things you should avoid while sitting in a recliner to achieve proper posture.

Poor Lumbar Support

Right recliners can provide numerous advantages over ordinary chairs. But still, it is imperative to have a recliner with proper lumbar support.

In most recliners, lumbar support is missing. Therefore, I recommend using a rolled towel or specially designed lumbar pillows to avoid back strain and poor posture.

Avoid Slouching And Hunching

Prolonged slouching or hunching while sitting in a recliner can cause your back, core, and abdominal muscles to become strained and painful, reducing their blood supply, and slowly developing stiffness and weakness in the trunk and lower back.

Therefore it is essential to sit on your back while touching the back and neck to the recliner backrest without having any unsupportive gaps. It keeps the pressure away from the spine and neck and helps you achieve proper spinal alignment.

Can You Have Good Posture In A Recliner? 

In contrast to traditional chairs, recliners are ergonomically designed to accommodate sedentary lifestyles. But even the most comfortable couch may fail to meet your needs. However, A solid recliner chair supports your back, shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hips.

Several other factors that contribute to preventing postural problems while you are using a recliner chair are:

Recliner Chairs Support Your Back

There are specific ways in which recliner chairs support the whole body. Some have a plushly padded backrest, headrest, armrest, and lumbar support. If your recliner chair lacks lumbar support, I recommend using a lumbar pillow or rolled towels to avoid poor posture.

  • The headrest and armrest support your head and arms.
  • The backrest is designed to support your upper back.
  • The lumbar support provides lower back support.

As a result, a reclining chair can help you achieve good posture. Therefore, I recommend using one.

Additionally, the recliner chairs that we recommended in one of our articles on comfortable recliners for lower back pain are recliners designed with the support you need for your back and neck. Here are those features:

The Benefits Of A Massage Feature In A Recliner For Postural Issues

Massage chairs are highly effective in treating chronic pain and other musculoskeletal problems. In addition, it can help improve back posture. Weak back muscles and neck muscles make moving the body difficult, resulting in stiffness and pain. 

By utilizing a recliner’s massage function, you can ease sore muscles that result from bad posture and help them return to their natural positions.

The Benefits Of A Lift Feature In A Recliner For People With Improper Posture

The drawback to sitting in a recliner for long periods is that it can cause your back, neck, and fatigue to worsen. Thus, a recliner that has a lift feature can benefit your health.

The lift feature of a recliner enables you to easily get in and out of the chair without exerting any effort. This allows you to stand with the press of a button and go about your daily routine tasks with ease.

Conclusion: Are Recliners Bad For Your Back Posture 

In conclusion, are recliners bad for your posture? It depends on the type of recliner you are using. If you use a traditional recliner that does not have the features mentioned above, you are likely to develop back pain and poor posture.

However, the way you use it is equally important. Make sure you are sitting in a recliner with proper posture. Avoid slouching and hunching while sitting in a recliner.

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