Is A Recliner Good For Lower Back Pain? (Guide) – 2022

Is a recliner good for lower back pain? In short, yes, sitting in a recliner chair can help prevent lower back pain by providing maximum comfort. But make sure your recliner is well designed for better results. In fact, studies have discovered that reclined seating is healthier for your back than upright sitting. [source]

Reclining is a viable option for people suffering from lower back pain or those seeking to prevent pain down the road.

But you need to pay attention to two things:

  1. Having the right recliner chair.
  2. And sitting in the recliner with proper posture so that your lower back and overall body remain fully supported. 

To move quickly, simply choose the right section of the article below, or read the whole article to get the most comprehensive understanding of whether recliners are good or bad for lower back pain.

Why Is A Recliner Good For Lower Back Pain? Lets Dive Inside

Many factors can cause strain in your lower back. Most commonly, it’s a result of poor sitting posture or slouching which puts pressure on your spine.

But other factors for lumbar strain include:

  • Inadequate support for your lower back
  • Uncomfortable beds and chairs
  • Sudden movements or injuries
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Muscle weakness or spasms
  • Degenerative changes in your spine
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Dehydration and not exercising enough can also contribute to back pain.

So how a reclining chair can be good for lower back pain? First, let’s look at why a reclining chair can be helpful.

Reclining chairs are a great way to help prevent lower back pain because they allow you to sit in a more relaxed posture than you would in a traditional chair. They also allow you to sit for long hours without any issue.

Moreover, reclining at 135 degrees is the best position for your lower back. This is because it keeps your spine in the correct position, and it also allows your muscles to relax.

Additionally, suppose you have a comfortable recliner, and your body is well supported. If there is no gap between the headrest of the chair and your neck, your spine is aligned properly, and your lower extremities are correctly positioned on the footrest, then you are fine. You can sit in a recliner chair for long periods without getting up.

What Kind Of Recliner Is Best For Lower Back Pain

what kind of recliner is best for lower back pain

The type of recliner most suitable for back problems comes with the following points that are also doctor recommendations for reclining furnishing.

Quality Recliner

Many of the recliners available on the market are not of good quality. When seated in them, this becomes immediately apparent.

However, recliners made from premium materials tend to provide more comfort leading to a strain-free sitting position. Materially, they are superior, so they resist wear and tear and enhance the style and decor of the furniture.

Ergonomic Design

A recliner with an ergonomic design allows you to achieve the ideal posture while preventing lower back problems.

It is designed to be as comfortable as possible due to premium constructed materials and versatile functionalities for added comfort.

Moreover, an adjustable recliner that offers smooth reclining positions and a comfortable footrest elevation is much more beneficial for your health than those other ordinary chairs. 

Easy Adjustability 

There are two types of recliners that are commonly used:

  1. Manual recliners
  2. Power recliners.

In the case of lower back problems or spine-related conditions (degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, etc.), I advice using power recliners as they provide a convenient and user-friendly remote control. These remote controllers allow you to adjust the recliner’s mechanism at the touch of a button. So make sure you opt for a power recliner.

Heat And Massaging Recliner

A recliner with heat and massage functions can be a beneficial choice for lower back pain and the lumbar region. It will relax the back muscles and increase blood circulation.

A massaging recliner chair will also help your body to heal faster and reduce further problems such as arthritis.

Comfortable Footrest 

A recliner footrest is one of the most critical parts of the recliner and a great way to prevent lower back pain. The reason for this is that it helps to elevate your legs.

This will also help you to reduce the risk of lower back pain and other medical-related problems such as arthritis and joint pain.

Moreover, a footrest is very important for your health. It will allow proper blood circulation to the heart by assisting in leg stretching and relaxation. A comfortable recliner’s footrest can also assist in the prevention of varicose veins by elevating your legs.

How Should I Sit In A Recliner To Avoid Lower Back Pain

If you want to know how to sit comfortably in a recliner to avoid lower back pain, you need to make sure that you use a type of recliner that provides adequate back support.

For extra back support, place adjustable lumbar support or rolled towel. Avoid crossing your legs and use the footrest of your recliner so that your legs are properly positioned.  

Again, the most important thing to remember is to keep your lower back supported and choose furnishings that are comfortable. 

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Can Sleeping In A Recliner Cause Lower Back Pain

In answer to “can sleeping in a recliner cause lower back pain? “it is true for some, but not for everyone.

If you have a comfortable recliner that provides adequate back support and you lean back in it with some additional pillows for added comfort, then you can comfortably sleep in a reclined position for a prolonged time to alleviate back strains.

However, keep your back well supported when sleeping or sitting in a recliner. You can also elevate your legs with the footrests of the recliner while reclining. The key is to avoid poor posture at all costs and change the level of reclining after some time.

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Our Advice For Avoiding Lower Back Pain When Reclining

Recliners are not just a piece of furniture. They are a great way to relax and improve your quality of life. If you want to avoid lower back pain, you should make sure that you choose a comfortable recliner that provides adequate back support. 

While this is true, you should also remember that sitting for extended periods in the same position can be uncomfortable. For example, if you have back pain, you should avoid reclining in the same position for a long time as this can cause multiple health issues. When reclining, it is also advised not to cross your legs and position your body weight evenly over both hips. 

Final Words: Is A Recliner Good For Lower Back Pain

Now that you know is a recliner good for lower back pain or not, the key is to choose a comfortable recliner and sit in it with a proper posture. This will help you to get the most out of your recliner.

To avoid lower back pain, select a type of recliner that has adequate back support. You can determine it by sitting upright and reclining and checking if you feel comfortable in it.

It is essential to adjust the level reclining mechanism according to your needs and preferences. And if you have persistent pain in your lower back, consult a doctor and get a prescription for proper treatment.

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