7 Best Recliner For Knee Replacement Surgery (2022 Updated)

Knee replacement can be both painful and challenging. The recovery time can vary depending on how well the surgery goes and how well the knee is taken care of afterward.

Having the best recliner for knee replacement surgery can make the recovery process more comfortable as you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting down.

With the use of a good knee replacement recliner, you can keep your legs elevated, take a relaxing nap, and ice your legs after physical therapy sessions to recuperate more quickly.

Recliner chairs come with various features and comfort levels. However, for people recovering from total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, a dual motor rise and recline lift chair would be a good choice since two independent motors control it.

  • One motor powers the reclining positions.
  • The other motor controls the footrest adjustment and lift feature(Which works as lift assistance to aid the patient while standing without putting pressure on his/her knees and overall body).

As a result, lift recliners are ideal knee replacement recovery chairs. Due to the versatile features and ease of operation, the patient can adjust the reclining position and raise the leg rest above their heart, which will improve blood circulation, thus reducing swelling in the knees and relieving knee pain.

Throughout this guide, we conducted research to discover from a medical standpoint what are the best recliners for knee replacement really like. Is it okay to sit in a recliner after TKR surgery? As well as many other important things along with the best knee replacement recliner’s recommendations. So let’s begin.

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The following table summarizes the Top picks for the best chair to sit in after knee replacement, and you can scroll down for further discussion and reviews.  

  1. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Best Recliner To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery (Top Pick)
  2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Value Recliner For Knee Replacement Surgery (Runner Up)
  3. Homall Recliner Chair – Best Affordable Knee Replacement Recliner (Affordable Pick)
  4. Irene House Lift Recliner Chair – Comfortable Massage and Heat Option
  5. Harper&Bright Power Lift Chair – Comfortable Chair To Sit In After TKR Surgery
  6. Comhoma PU Leather Recliner Chair – Recliner With Massage and Heat Therapy
  7. Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner – Best Manual Option

Can You Sit In A Recliner After Knee Replacement?

After knee replacement surgery and getting over the post-operative infection, the “RICE” method is used, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Most total knee replacement (TKR) surgeries will usually result in a prescription to follow the RICE method, a simple self-care technique, as it can help ease pain, swelling, and speedy healing.

For knee replacement recovery, using an ice pack and sitting comfortably in a chair with your knee elevated can help ease the healing process. 

A comfortable recliner for total knee surgery can also prove helpful, as they provide both supportive reclining positions and comfy elevation to the surgical leg. Therefore, you can comfortably sit in a recliner after your TKR surgery and follow the RICE method. 

Knee pillows and extra cushions can be used to raise the knees as needed, such as:

  1. Extra wedge pillows or cushions can be placed on the recliner’s footrest after surgery since it is beneficial to elevate your legs above the heart, or in simpler terms, 10 to 12 inches above the heart.
  2. To alleviate swollen knees and maintain proper circulation, elevate your knees 3 to 4 times a day for 20 to 30 minutes if you feel pain and swelling.

Watch the following video to learn what to expect after knee replacement surgery.

How To Choose The Best Recliner For Knee Replacement Surgery?

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best knee replacement recliner to use after TKR surgery. Listed below are some of the parameters to take into consideration.


Recliners tend to be comfortable and supportive, but some aren’t. For instance, the backrests of some recliners can be uncomfortable if the quality is low and can hurt if a patient is overweight.

For this reason, recliners with soft, firm, and well-padded seats and backs are recommended to be used after knee replacement surgery, so the patient’s back is well supported to ease the unnecessary strain and pressure on the body


The reclining mechanism of the recliner chair should be smooth and easy to adjust. The comfort zone to slightly recline or lying flat depends on the type of chair and your adjustability preferences.

Therefore choose a recliner that offers different sitting positions to let you do multiple activities.

Recliners also have the option to raise and elevate the footrest. Therefore, just as it is recommended after TKR surgery, you can also recline and raise your legs. The footrest part is the next point which I discussed in every aspect.


The most suitable knee surgery recliner should offer an easy-to-adjust reclining position and a footrest that can be elevated or at least be raised at a considerable height on which you can comfortably rest or stretch your legs.

For instance, it’s much easier to elevate your legs with the use of wedge pillows.

Lift Assistance

An effective knee replacement recliner should have a lifting mechanism to make getting in and out of the chair easier for the patient.

The controls should also be easily accessible to the patient in order to operate the lift mechanism and the adjustable reclining feature.

Important Note

Massage and Heat Feature (For Additional Functionalities)
There are many recliners on the market today, but it is challenging to select one that’s appropriate to sit in after TKR surgery.
Therefore, our fourth and sixth recommendations are for those who wish to enjoy massage and heat capabilities while reclining.  
Manual Recliner (For Price Conscious People)
If you are looking for a manual recliner to use after TKR surgery. In that case, it may not be easy to find one that combines comfort and smooth reclining and adjusting capabilities.
Therefore, for those who are price-sensitive, I have added the best manual recliners available in the list that are placed at positions three and seven.

Reviews For Best Chair To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery

1. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Best Recliner To Sit In After Knee Replacement Surgery (Top Pick)

Product Features

  • Material: This chair is upholstered in thick poly fiber, a soft and durable material that gives you a cozy feeling when you touch it.  
  • High End Back: This chair features a high back and thick cushions, so you can relax for hours while maintaining a proper posture
  • Dual Motor: It is a dual motor lift recliner, which allows the user to control the reclining adjustment and the footrest elevation independently.
  • Lift Assistance: It has a lift feature that helps to assist in standing without using your energy, keeping your knees and your body free from pressure.
  • Durability: It has corner-blocked frames with metal reinforced seats that make it sturdy enough to last a long time. 

What We Think About This Product

Overview: This lift recliner from Ashley Yandel is our top pick for the best recliner to sit in after knee replacement. This dual motor power lift recliner stands out from the rest for innovative features and a design tailored for people post-TKR surgery.

As a result of its high credibility with buyers, it’s a good choice over most other recliners. It is often the recliner of choice by many to assist them in their recovery period when they are in need of maximum relaxation and to avoid poor sitting. 

The dual motors on this lift chair allow you to have the feet elevated while the back is at the same time upright or slightly tilted. It’s really nice to be able to control them separately with the touch of a button.

Further, it comes with a lift assist function, which makes getting in and out of the recliner easier for the patient and protects him from unnecessary stains and pressure caused by sitting and standing.

Final Thoughts: The Ashley Yandel power lift recliner’s comfortable high back and thick sponge ensure maximum comfort, and also has different flexible features ideal for people following knee replacement recovery.

So Investing in this recliner is however a big chunk of money, but it is guaranteed to be the very best sitting option that you’ll love to use even after you have fully recovered from TKR surgery.

Why we like it
  • The upholstery is made of high-quality faux saddle brown leather.
  • Gives a comfortable seating experience.
  • This chair reclines nicely and offers a soft foot rest, and both can be independently adjusted.
  • Made up of sturdy construction.
  • Easy To assemble.
Why we don’t like it
  • Bit pricy.
  • Lack convenient features such as cupholders and USB ports.

2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Value Recliner For Knee Replacement Surgery (Runner Up)

Product Features: 

  • Material: The chair material appears to be made of suede but is microfiber, which is very comfortable.
  • Added Comfort: The chair has a high back, thick cushions, as well as overstuffed pillows on the back, seating area, and armrest for added comfort and support.
  • Lift Feature: It features an electric-powered lift mechanism that could lift the seated person smoothly and safely.
  • Easy Reclining: The transitions between reclining, sitting, and lifting and can stop at any position in-between with ease with the help of Remote control.
  • Durability Check: Featuring a durable metal frame, you’ll feel stable and strong after sitting for a long time. 

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The chair takes the crown after our top pick for the best recliner for knee replacement because it has everything you would seek in a chair to enhance your recovery after knee replacement surgery. This chair provides a combination of comfort, modern functionalities and durability.

The only attribute that prompted me to place this at the 2nd spot is that it comes with a single power motor.

However, besides considering that it’s not a dual motor power recliner, the chair still wins the race based on the price it’s being offered and the reviews from people who underwent TKR surgery who reported their experiences with this recliner. They loved the chair’s features and comfort, and if I were at your stage, I would go with this chair which falls within budget, as well as have zero regrets after purchasing it.

Final Thoughts: Thanks to its high-quality microfiber upholstery and durable construction, this chair will provide you with years of comfortable sitting.

The lift feature makes standing easy, and you can control all of the chair’s functions from the remote control to prevent discomfort during your fast recovery from TKR. All these aspects make it an ideal knee replacement chair.

Why we like it
  • A very comfortable chair to sit in.
  • The motor is smooth and makes no noise while lifting.
  • The remote has two buttons: one is up to lift, and the other is down to recline.
  • Convenient side pockets.
  • Easy Installation.
Why we don’t like it
  • Bulky chair.
  • No massage and heat function.

3. Homall Recliner Chair – Best Affordable Knee Replacement Recliner (Affordable Pick)

Product Features

  • Material: This recliner is made from PU leather and has thick padding on the seat and back which provides the most comfort. 
  • Footrest: The footrest is also thickly padded, which lets you relax your lower extremities perfectly.
  • Three-Way Recliner: This versatile chair has an adjustable footrest and push-back recliner mode, which can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees, to allow you to take naps, read books, or just lay flat. 
  • Durability Check: It has high-quality steel covered with thick form padding that is designed to last.
  • Sturdy Feet: This single recliner has four sturdy feet covered in non-marking pads, protecting the sofa and floor effectively.

What we Think About This Product

Overview: This Homal recliner chair is a fantastic example of a stylish, functional recliner that does not cost a lot of money, but meets patients’ expectations for comfort. Unlike other recliner chairs, this one is lightweight and not bulky. 

This chair offers three-way reclining capability with an easy-to-use push-back mechanism that allows the seated person to recline and lay flat, enabling the person to take a fresh nap following knee replacement surgery.

Likewise, the footrest is made from the same thick sponge covering as the backrest of this chair, making it sufficiently soft and comfortable for resting your knees and leg on it while elevating them.

Final Thoughts: The Homal knee replacement recliner is an affordable option for those looking for a traditional chair with extra features to relax even after long hours of sitting. 

Why we like it
  • Very durable due to faux leather upholstery.
  • The chair is very comfortable in this price range. 
  • It offers three-way reclining adjustment from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • It has a thick foam padding on the foot rest.
  • The chair is easy to assemble.
Why we don’t like it
  • Lacks Lift Feature.
  • Manually operated.

4. Irene House Lift Recliner Chair – Comfortable Massage and Heat Option

Product Features

  • Material: This chair is made of smooth and comfy breathable faux leather that is waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • Dual Motor: The footrest and backrest of this dual motor lift chair can be independently adjusted thanks to two motors that run extremely quietly, smoothly, and independently.
  • Heat And Massage: The chair features 4 vibrating massage nodes for the back and neck, as well as a heating system for the lumbar region, which can be operated with the remote control. 
  • Infinite Reclining: It features infinitely adjustable reclining and an extendable footrest that lets you stretch out and elevate your legs.
  • Durability Check: Featuring a metal frame and padded with a high-density sponge, the chair is strong enough to support a weight of 300 lbs

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The Irene House Dual Motor Lift Recliner Chair is one of the most comfortable and multifunctional recliners available. 

This power lift recliner from Irene House might be the most popular chair of the company, which makes it a more ideal sitting option. Its high-quality materials, wide cushioned seat, infinite reclining ability, and lift assistance make it another good chair with all these features.

The reclining position can be adjusted from 105° to 180°, so you can take some naps or rest in a slightly reclined position to enjoy reading books.

Furthermore, it is powered by two motors, one of which is responsible for the reclining function, the other for powering the footrest, where you can rest your leg and feel relaxed.   

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a recliner chair that’s comfortable to sit in and offers a massage feature and lumbar heat function, then investing in this massage reclining chair is a wise choice.

Why we like it
  • A high-quality leather recliner.
  • It has a comfortable massage and heating feature.
  • It uses a motor that does not make any noise and works smoothly.
  • Easily assembled.
Why we don’t like it
  • The remote control lacks any text or words, just arrows. 
  • It may not be suitable for people of tall stature.

5. Harper&Bright Power Lift Chair – Comfortable Chair To Sit In After TKR Surgery

Product Features

  • Material: The chair seat, backrest, and armrest are upholstered in soft and comfortable microfiber fabric and filled with a high-density sponge. 
  • Lift Feature: The lift chair, powered by silent and durable motors, can be raised to a standing position to make it easier for the patient to sit and stand.
  • Reclining Feature: This chair offers smooth reclined positions which are easily adjustable according to your preferences. While reclining, the footrest rises to elevate your legs. 
  • Easy Controlling: Powered with a two-button remote, one button adjusts the reclining positions and the other tilts and operates the lift feature to elevate the chair.
  • Durability: The chair features a long-lasting steel frame which ensures durability.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: In comparison to dual motor recliners, which can adjust the footrest elevation independently and the reclining position independently, this recliner lacks that ability as single motor power this Harper&Bright Power Lift Chair.

However, many buyers were delighted with the chair’s comfort as it is upholstered to be plush, allowing you to sink into the seat and offer adequate cushioning for your arms and neck. 

In the testimony of one buyer, he stated that they bought this comfortable chair for his mother after she underwent knee replacement surgery. She slept in it and said she was extremely comfortable, and the lift feature made it a lot easier for her to get up.

Regarding reclining adjustment and lift assistance control, an easy-to-use remote control can easily be used to adjust the position according to the patient’s preferences.

Furthermore, the stylish and clean design gives the chair a modern appearance that will match any decor.

Final Thoughts: This power lift chair might be a good option for those recovering from hip replacement as it offers good support and comfort, making it a solid choice for people looking for a non-leather recliner chair.

Why we like it
  • The fabric on the chair is very soft and comfortable to sit in.
  • There is a headrest that is overstuffed for neck comfort.
  • A remote control makes recline and lifting easy.
  • The chair has a solid construction.
  • It is easy to assemble.
Why we don’t like it
  • It may not be suitable for tall people.

6. Comhoma PU Leather Recliner Chair – Recliner With Massage and Heat Therapy

Product Features

  • Material: The material of the chair is made up of high-quality PU leather, and the chair is thickly padded to give you comfort while maintaining proper posture. 
  • Functionalities: With this chair, you get multifunctional comfort features like massage and lumbar heat, sleep mode, adjustable footrest, and push-back reclining.
  • Range of motion: It includes multiple motions, such as 360-degree swivel, adjustable recline positions, and rocking. 
  • Convenient Features: There are two cup holders on the armrest, as well as side pockets for easy storage
  • Durability Check: It is made up of a sturdy metal frame that is strong enough to withstand the weight capacity of up to 300lbs.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The COMOHA recliner is a comfortable, reclining chair that offers a thickly padded seat and backrest and a wide range of motions.

Such as multiple reclining positions, rocking motions, and a 360-degree swivel, which works well as it lets you move the swivel base closer to the desk without reaching or bending.

It stands out from other chairs listed as the best recliner for knee replacement recovery because it comes with more convenient features, such as cup holders for holding your beverage and side pockets for easy storage of things like books and remote controls. Despite the lack of lift features and being a manual recliner, it is still a great chair.

It also offers 5 massage modes and 4 massage points from your neck to your legs to soothe your body muscles and keep you relaxed by giving you comfortable massage therapy. The massage and heat therapy are both easily controlled with the attached remote.

Final Thoughts:  Because of its robust structure and high-quality upholstery made of PU leather, this reclining chair offers you long-lasting comfort and versatility, as discussed above, making it very helpful to people recovering after TKR surgery.

Why we like it
  • The chair is attractive looking and comfortable to sit in.
  • The leg rest is easily lifted by the lever that is placed in the side.
  • Good range of motions such as gliding, 360 degree swivel.
  • Comfortable massage and heat function which enhance quality seating.
Why we don’t like it
  • The chair sit is not enough wider.
  • Footrest have to operated manually.

7. Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner – Best Manual Option

What We Think About This Product

This Flash Furniture reclining chair is an excellent choice for people recovering from knee replacements because of its price point. The chair provides a comfortable seating experience as it is plushly padded on the back, seat, armrests and footrest. 

This chair offers good movement, such as rocking back and forth and reclining comfortably, which is easily adjustable via a lever since it is a manual recliner.

It gives you a comfortable spot to rest your legs when you recline. Customers state that the chair provides firm support, and it does not rock in the reclined position either.

In summary, this manual recliner represents outstanding value for the price its being offered.

In Conclusion. Best Recliner For Knee Replacement

This article has covered everything you need to know about the best chair to sit in after knee replacement and how that will help you minimize the risk of affecting your newly replaced knee due to poor sitting postures and uncomfortable back support.

Our top pick for the best recliner for knee replacement is the Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner, a perfect chair that provides independent reclining and elevating footrest adjustment, lift assistance and so many features, as explained above to be the very first choice of yours too.

As an alternative, a more value-driven budget option for satisfied knee replacement patients, consider the CANMOV Power Lift recliner chair that promises comfort and ideal features of the chair after knee surgery.  

Knee replacement is a challenging surgery to recover from; therefore, those who are reading this article are able to maximize the use of tips that we have provided, and I hope that you are now more relaxed to invest in an ideal chair to have comfort tailored to your preferences after the surgery.

Also, remember to use the RICE method while sitting in a recliner and your doctor’s prescribed things for a quick recovery.


Is It OK To Sit In A Recliner After Knee Replacement Surgery?

In today’s world, many doctors recommend recliner chairs instead of standard chairs, which can put pressure on your buttocks after you rest for a while. In the case of TKR surgery, recliners come in handy since the patient can have a more comfortable sitting experience by choosing the right recliner.
Therefore, it is okay to sit in a recliner after knee replacement surgery as the recliner also allows you to elevate your legs.

How Long Should You Sit After Knee Replacement?

According to Healthline, sitting for more than 45 to 60 minutes at a time is not recommended for the first seven to ten days following knee replacement surgery. If prolonged sitting is needed, elevating the leg on a chair can help reduce swelling.  
Therefore, recliners are the ideal knee replacement chair because they provide both the required comfort as well as the ability to elevate your legs at the same time. Most recliners elevate the footrest to a normal height, not the height that is recommended by surgeons, which is about 12 inches above the heart.
Thus, in this case, a knee pillow can provide added elevation to lift the knees, reducing knee swelling and preventing blood clots.

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