Best Recliner For Neck Pain – Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Neck pain is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. However, a combination of factors often causes neck pain. These factors include stress, poor posture, and the wrong kind of chair.

So if you are suffering from neck pain, and looking for a recliner that gives you the best neck support, be glad because you have come to the right place. Recliners are proven to be the best seating option for supporting both your neck and entire body.

Fortunately, in the following paragraphs of this buyer’s guide, we have summarized our findings of the best and top recliner for neck pain based on our research on 30 different recliner models. So let’s get started with our top pick!

At A Glance: 8 Best Recliner For Neck Pain Relief

  1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair– Best Multi-Functional Recliner For Neck Pain (Top Pick)
  2. Homall Single Recliner Chair – Best Affordable Recliner For Neck Support (Affordable Pick)
  3. Signature Design By Ashley Yandel – Best Value Recliner For Neck Problems (Best Value)
  4. CANMOV Recliner Chair – Perfect Manual Recliner For Neck and Shoulder Pain
  5. Best Choice Products Faux Leather – Best Living Room Chair For Neck Pain
  6. Mecor Massage Recliner Chair PU Leather – Best Home Chair For Neck Pain
  7. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair With Ottoman – Best Recliners For Back And Neck Problems
  8. SUNCOO Massage Recliner – Best Recliner For Back And Neck Pain
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Our Testing Process For Best Neck Pain Recliners

We spent a total of 60 hours researching and testing 30 different recliners that are currently available on the market. Out of these, we shortlisted 8 of the best recliners for neck pain and put them through a series of detailed tests.

These tests included:

  • Checking for lumbar support
  • Evaluating the comfort of the recliner
  • Checking if the recliner offers neck support
  • Assessing the build quality of the recliner
  • And finally, determining the value for money offered by the recliner.

After putting each of these recliners through our rigorous testing process, we were able to identify the best neck pain recliner as the Esright massage recliner chair.

This recliner offers excellent neck support, is extremely comfortable, and is also very well built. Furthermore, it has a massage function that helps relieve neck pain.

Reviews For Best Neck Pain Recliners

Now let’s take an in-depth look at each of the 8 neck pain recliners that we shortlisted.

1. Esright Massage Recliner – Best Recliner For Neck Pain (Top Pick)

esright massage recliner for neck pain

Product Features

  • There are faux and real leather materials used in this chair, so it’s soft and sturdy.
  • The back cushion is padded with a thick sponge, which provides excellent back and neck support.
  • This chair features heating, vibrating, 360° Swivel, and rocking features.
  • It has a 140° manual control recliner feature, so you can enjoy any reclining position that suits your comfort.
  • It features a remote control, a power cord to adjust the massage function, five different massage modes, and a two-level intensity setting.  

What We Think About This Product

Overview: This Esright massage recliner chair is the right choice if you want a sturdy, comfortable, supportive recliner.

As mentioned above, there are so many luxury features that you can sit with a healthy and pleasant posture from the neck region to the lower back area with this best-rated recliner for neck pain.

With the reclining mechanism and a combination of 360° swivel functions, you can adjust the reclining positions according to your best preferences for your neck.

In addition, it has a powerful back heater and massage function that’s great for relaxation. The back massage function can be used without the heater because both of these functions are independent.

Our Testing: When we talk about our testing process, this reclining chair received very high marks for its overall comfort, support and build quality. Additionally, it was easy to assemble and offers great value for money.

Final Thoughts: We recommend this reclining chair as a comfortable seating partner for you in this price range. In essence, this is the price you will have to pay to rid yourself of neck problems with this best massage recliner for neck pain.

Why we like it
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It hugs your back in a way that is ideal for your posture and reduces pressure on your neck
  • It has two side pockets, cupholders on the armrest, and a USB port for recharging devices
  • Swivel, rock, and recline options are available
  • The heat and massage feature works greatly
  • Last but not least, it’s affordable and durable, making it a good investment
Why we don’t like it
  • The chair is shipped in two boxes, which sometimes do not arrive simultaneously
  • There are complaints about small cupholders

2. Homall Single Recliner Chair – Best Affordable Recliner For Neck Support (Affordable Pick)

homall recliner chair padded seat pu leather for neck

Product Features

  • It is upholstered in high-quality PU Leather.
  • The chair offers relaxation and comfort modes, including sleep modes, an adjustable footrest, and a push-back reclining feature.
  • This recliner is quite simple but very comfortable with modern features. 
  • It has curved armrests wider than a regular chair and increases comfort.  
  • This recliner will not damage the floor or the recliner when moved because it has sturdy feet and no marking pads. 

What We Think About This Product

Overview: If you’re seeking a recliner that can immediately help relieve your pain, as well as one of the best budget recliners for neck pain, here is Homal recliner chair.

Your neck pain will be a thing of the past thanks to its comfortable mechanism and various modes. According to your need, you can also adjust reclining positions from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Satisfied Customers: According to a Customer who shared his experience with this recliner, the best thing is that it did not push his head forward and cause pressure on his neck, making it more appropriate to be listed among the best living room chair for neck pain.

Therefore, a recliner chair with this particular structure is long-lasting, durable, and made of high-quality PU leather. With a soft cushioned back, this chair will be a pain reliever for those who suffer from neck problems.

Final Thoughts: Considering the quality and durability of this budget-friendly recliner for neck support, you should purchase it as it’s an excellent deal for price-conscious buyers.

Why we like it
  • The recliner is thick and supportive in the back, allowing you to achieve an ideal posture
  • Takes 3 to 5 minutes for assembling, which means it’s effortless
  • The chair is of modern design with contemporary features and comfortable upholstery
  • Not a bully chair
Why we don’t like it
  • It provides limited motion, meaning it does not lift or rock
  • It has a chemical smell initially, but that fades with time

3. Signature Design By Ashley Yandel – Best Power Lift Recliner For Neck And Back Pain (Best Value)

yandel faux leather power lift recliner for neck pain

Product Features

  • This recliner comes with a double motor lift feature, which means you can adjust the footrest and recline feature independently.
  • It has deep Saddle brown upholstery, which is very comfortable to sit on.
  • The texture is comfy and is guaranteed to soothe sore muscles after a long day sitting on the office chair.
  •  Aside from its high back and thick cushions, this recliner is sturdy and has a frame with metal reinforcement for added stability.

What We Think About This Recliner

Overview: This Ashley recliner from our list of neck pain recliners will not only be a comfy spot, but it will also be heaven for your neck pain.

This power lift recliner chair is distinguished from other models on the list by two features.

  • Firstly, this reclining chair allows you to adjust the backrest and footrest independently with the touch of a remote control button.
  • Secondly, it has a power lift mechanism. As a result, this lifting feature allows seniors with neck pain to stand easily without worrying about straining their necks while getting in and out of the chair.

Furthermore, the chair has a comfortable design and a high-end back that perfectly supports the spinal region and helps achieve an ideal sitting position.

Therefore, you can lay in this recliner without stressing your cervical bone. As well as, this recliner is designed to distribute weight evenly, so you feel more comfortable due to its well-padded backrest. In addition, this thick, brown poly fibre is so durable and decent-looking that it grabs attention at first sight.

Final Thoughts: Considering everything about this lift recliner chair, it should be your top choice from the list of the best recliners for neck and back pain if you also need the lift feature and dual motor functionality.  

Why we like it
  • The motors are super quiet and work smoothly
  • All the features of this power lift recliner are easy to control with the help of remote control
  • Reclines smoothly, and the lift feature of this chair is very handy for seniors who need assistance in standing
  • This recliner is a standard size that almost suits every body type
Why we don’t like it
  • Bulky chair
  • Bit expensive but worthy investment

4. CANMOV Recliner Chair – Best Manual Recliner For Neck and Shoulder Pain

canmov leather recliner chair for neck pain

Products Features

  • The chair is sturdy with a combination of comfort and modern features to enhance comfort.
  • The recliner is upholstered in soft micro-suede light brown leather
  • This chair provides maximum comfort and support with a high back, thick cushion, and premium leather upholstery.
  • The recliner seat can be adjusted to fit various reclining positions, such as lying flat or sitting upright.
  • This recliner offers durability and long-term stability.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: This is a very comfortable recliner for those who wish to relax their upper body, especially to relieve neck and shoulder pain while choosing multiple reclining positions.

It has a base that adjusts to any custom position and provides a comfortable, adjustable seating experience.

The chair can be stopped in any position you want, which is a bonus for those with neck problems. You can sleep very comfortably in it every night, and you may continue even after you are healed.

Final Thoughts: This manual recliner is extremely comfortable and functional. The reclining mechanism works quietly, not completely silent, but not at all bothersome. In summary, investing in this recliner is worth the price if you’re looking for the best recliner for shoulder and neck pain.

Why we like it
  • The upholstery on this recliner is antiskid and extremely comfy
  • This model provides adequate support for the entire body
  • The recliner is easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
Why we don’t like it
  • It is bulky and requires a clear pathway behind the chair to recline
  • Operates manually

5. Best Choice Products Faux Leather – Best Living Room Chair For Neck Pain

best choice products faux leather electric massage recliner for neck pain

Product Features

  • This recliner features heat and massage that adds comfort and promises a healthy posture with its unique design.
  • It comes with an ottoman instead of a relaxing and supportive footrest.
  • This recliner has 5 pre-programmed messages, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes that can be operated with wireless remote control.
  • It features double-padded backrests for a comfortable sitting experience and keeps your neck muscles relaxed, which keeps neck problems at bay.
  • The chair has an excellent design, a modern style, and a smooth swivel, in addition to its comfort.  

What We Think About This Product

Overview: Comfort and durability are what you look for when choosing the perfect recliner for neck pain. Still, the recliner I recommend here has everything to relax your neck, including a stylish and modern design.

This luxurious recliner chair features a thickly padded seat with an excellent massage vibration. Its massage feature can massage your lower back to your upper back. In addition, it keeps the pressure away from your neck, which is optimal for your whole body’s health.

An ottoman replaces the footrest on this recliner. This makes it more convenient, allows for an even distribution of weight over the lower body, and helps relieve the pressure on your lower back, calves, and thighs.

Final Thoughts: With its price, comfort, and style, this chair is a worthwhile investment that will still yield good returns over the years. 

Why we like it
  • Very comfortable with modern design
  • It has extra side pockets for reading or putting things
  • Its swivel is smooth and quiet
  • Durable and easy to assemble in less time
Why we don’t like it
  • It has an intensive chemical smell that fades within 3 to 4 days

6. Mecor Massage Recliner Chair PU Leather – Best Home Chair For Neck Pain

mecor massage recliner chair pu leather rocker for neck problems

What We Think About This Product:

Overview: This is one of the best recliners for neck pain in terms of design, comfort, and cost. Mecor recliner chair has several motion features, including rocking and swivelling (360°swivel and 160°recline), a massage feature, and a heat feature to help relieve muscle soreness and maximize blood circulation. 

This recliner is made from high-quality leather and has a sleek design that is easy on the eyes. It is also very sturdy and will last for many years.

Furthermore, it’s easy to assemble, so you can get relief and enjoy this comfortable recliner immediately upon arrival, making it a good value for the money.

Final Thoughts: With its reasonable price and excellent performance, this recliner is another great buy.

Why we like it
  • The chair is covered in high-quality PU leather
  • It rocks, swivels, has massaging and heating feature
  • It features cup holders and side pockets
  • Easy to assemble
Why we don’t like it
  • It comes in two boxes, which sometimes arrive at different times
  • works manually

7. Flash Furniture Recliner – Best Recliners For Back And Neck Problems

flash furniture recliner for neck support

Product Features

  • The reclining chair allows the user to make infinite adjustments from upright to fully reclined with the pull of a lever.
  • This recliner has 3-inch thick seat padded with comfortable foam, making your pain go away and letting you rest comfortably.
  • With integrated headrests, the seat cushion offers comfort and can prevent and minimize neck pain.
  • It has soft and durable leather seats, which are easy to clean and maintain.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: Flash Furniture recliners can be adjusted from upright to fully reclined by using a lever, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking for a chair that allows him to relax both for his neck problems and for the rest of the body.  

Aside from its easy assembly, this recliner is also made from durable and comfortable materials, which can be used for an extended period of time without any hassles.

In addition, the 3-inch thick seat of the chair relieves the pressure on the cervical bones because of its support, which helps you feel relaxed.  

This recliner model has a glide floor protector that protects your floor and allows easy movement.

Final Thoughts: Due to the chair’s great features and benefits, this recliner might be a suitable investment for your healthy neck posture.

  • Sturdy, nice looking and well built recliner
  • Its ottoman is also lightweight, easy to move, looks great, is well built, and makes an excellent spare seat for short talks or getting dressed
  • The recliner also has 360-degree smooth ball-bearing motion swivelling
  • Lack cupholders

8. SUNCOO Massage Recliner – Best Recliner For Back And Neck Pain

suncoo massage recliner bonded leather chair for neck issues

Product Features

  • This reclining chair comes with an adjustable headrest through which you can adjust your neck in a way that suits your comfort.
  • With thickly padded armrests, a back cushion, and a seat, this leather recliner is very comfortable to sit on.
  • The rocking massage chair features a heating system, 8 massage points, and 5 massage modes to provide optimal comfort. 
  • This chair can be adjusted to fit the user’s preference, including footrest and reclining position.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: Our list of the top-rated recliner for neck pain relief ends with the Suncoo massage recliner. Suncoo recliner is a great piece of furniture if you’re looking for one that completely hugs your back to ensure your neck region is well supported.

Thanks to the heat therapy and massage feature, this recliner adds a level of comfort that might require you to consider since the budget of this recliner is designed with truly impressive features. 

It has an adjustable headrest with thick padding, which helps prevent neck pain. The sofa has these comfy features and a sturdy structure covered with a plush cushion that is not overstuffed and can easily move around the house.

Final Thoughts: This is another excellent recliner for neck and back pain relief and for those who want to relax and unwind.

Why we like it
  • Comfortable backrest which ensure proper spinal alingment
  • Heated massage chair, 8 points, and 5 modes of massage
  • Adjustable headrest
  • easy to assemble
Why we don’t like it
  • Footrest is hard to close

Best Recliner To Sit In After Neck Pain- (Buying Guide)

When buying the best recliner chairs for neck pain, selecting the right one can be challenging. Unfortunately, not every recliner has all the features that will make you feel comfortable and supported.

In order to make your life easier, we have listed some key things you need to consider before buying the right recliner for neck support.

In addition to being informed, you will also be able to pick out the right recliner quickly. As a result, you will save time, money, and effort. Let’s begin by examining the recliner’s neck support.  

Examining A Recliner For Healthy Neck Support

To correctly examine a recliner chair for healthy neck support, you must look at a few aspects of the chair, such as how far back it reclines, how high the headrest is, whether it has lumbar support, and what kind of filling is used in the seat and back cushions.

Most recliners have such built-in luxury and comfort features, but the following are also very essential for providing adequate neck support:

Avoid The Gap Between Your Neck And The Reclining Chairs

Make sure there is no space between your neck and the back of the reclining chair. Having a space between your neck and the recliner can put pressure on your neck, which may ultimately cause you to question whether recliners are good or bad for neck pain.

If the pressure is repeated over time, this can lead to what is known as ‘Nerd Neck.’ It is a condition where the muscles in the upper neck become tight and this then leads to neck and shoulder pain. Neck pillows can be used to fill this gap. 

The Curve Of Your Neck

Proper neck alignment should resemble a gentle “C” shape. This natural curve should not be compromised when reclining in a chair. The headrest should support the neck so that the “C” shape is not lost.

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When choosing a recliner chair for neck pain, ensure the headrest contours to your natural neck curve because if your neck leans forward or backwards, it won’t alleviate neck pain.

These are some essential tips to make a better decision for choosing the best recliner for your neck pain. If this is not the case with your current recliner, consider changing it as it can cause discomfort and neck aches while sitting in a recliner.

Optimal Position For Your Neck

The optimal position for your neck is recommended to be neutral. So what does ‘neutral’ mean? A neutral position means a position in which your neck feels comfortable and relaxed.

So if you keep this point in mind, you will be able to test the recliner to see if it feels comfortable in a neutral position or if you have to make changes to your neck instead of keeping it neutral.

Therefore, these are the essential tips for you to follow to avoid buying the wrong recliner.

Now, Let’s Look Up The Features Criteria

As I first told you how to examine the recliner, let’s now see what are the important features to look for when buying a recliner for neck pain.

Reclining Mechanism 

A reclining mechanism is one of the most critical factors when buying the best recliner for neck and back pain. The mechanism should be easy to use and allow for a full range of motion.

In addition, the reclining mechanism should lock into place so that you can remain comfortable without having to worry about the chair reclining on its own.

When a seated person reclines, the back of their head should remain supported by the headrest, and the reclining motion should be smooth and gentle. The reason is to avoid any jerking motion that can strain the neck unnecessarily.

As you recline, your lumbar spine should also be well supported so that a good posture can be achieved. As soon as your posture improves, you can finally say goodbye to neck pain after relaxing on a comfortable recliner.

Comfort Level

Comfortable recliners should give you the best possible posture support and ensure that you are reclined at just the right angle to reduce neck pain.

When it comes to comfort, cushioning is essential. If you intend to sit in a reclining chair for long periods, choose one that provides adequate padding.

This is beneficial because it keeps your muscles relaxed and your back well-supported, relieving the strain on your neck and preventing neck pain. In most cases, memory foam or dense foam will provide maximum and firm comfort when seated.


Do not compromise on the durability of the recliner either, as it is also one of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing the best home chair for neck pain.

Recliners must be made from a solid construction to be valuable and long-lasting. Therefore, my preferred type of recliner is one that is made up of premium-quality materials.

Besides, a recliner should also have a robust and sturdy frame that can support your weight without breaking or collapsing.

Extra Remedies To Increase The Comfort Of Your Recliner Chair For Neck Pain

There are two instant ways to improve your posture by sitting in the most comfortable recliner for neck pain, especially if you have neck and back pain.

You can use these two instant methods while relaxing in a recliner for neck support.

  1. Neck Pillow: A neck pillow can be placed between your neck and the recliner. This pillow is also called a cervical pillow since the cervical spine is situated on top of the backbone, which includes the neck. Pillows that provide adequate neck support are beneficial for relieving neck pain, according to research
  2. Rolled-Up Towel: You can also use a Rolled towel by placing it between your neck and the chair to provide cervical support, which is often lacking while sitting in a chair.

The Best Way To Support Your Neck While You Are Out Of The Recliner

As we discussed earlier, a lack of support can easily affect your posture when you sit in a recliner.

Therefore, you should follow these additional tips to ensure that you give it the attention it deserves, both while sitting in a recliner and also when you are doing everyday activities that are usually your daily life routine.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is good for your health and your muscles. Your neck region helps you appear to have a better posture because it is an integral part of your body. To reduce neck pain, it is vital to stretch, work out, and do any exercises you can to alleviate and relieve pain.

Top Recliner For Neck And Back Pain – [Conclusion]

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the best recliner for neck pain and why this type of chair is so beneficial.

Remember, a good recliner can help improve your posture, relieve neck pain, and provide the best possible support for your spine.

When choosing a recliner, select one that is comfortable, adjustable, and made from high-quality materials.

In conclusion, our top pick for getting more comfortable sitting to relieve neck pain is the Esright massage recliner. This recliner meets all the criteria for being the most suitable recliner for neck pain.

If you would rather save money and still want the best cheap recliner for your neck problems, we recommend the Homal recliner instead. However, in terms of relief from neck pain and proper posture, it still meets the top criteria for a recliner chair in this affordable price range.

Last but not least, any recliner you choose from the above list is effective for relieving neck pain.


Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Neck Pain?

Yes, sitting in a recliner with improper posture can cause neck pain. Therefore, keeping your back and neck region snuggled up in a comfy recliner is advisable to avoid this. Moreover, your recliner chair should have a smoothly adjustable reclining mechanism to maximize comfort and relaxation.

Does Sleeping In Recliner Help Neck Pain? 

If you have neck pain, sleeping in a recliner might provide some relief. Since recliners allow the body to align correctly, they relieve your neck and back pain. But if you have any other serious health conditions, you should consult your doctor before using a recliner for sleep. 

Is Reclining Better Than Sitting?

The main difference between sitting and reclining depends on your posture and the support of the chair or sofa. For instance, a recliner chair will allow your spine to be in a neutral position, while a couch or standard chair allows your body to be more slouched with unsupportive gaps.
As a general rule, the longer your spine is aligned with proper back support, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

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