The 8 Very Best Recliner Chairs For Cancer Patients in 2023

Cancer turns life upside down for many people, so if you or your loved ones are diagnosed with cancer, you are probably ready for the well-known challenges of the treatments. The fact is, no “chair” can cure cancer.

However, proper sitting is necessary for cancer patients because the patient may experience fatigue after a cancer diagnosis. For this reason, recliners are advantageous and deemed more comfortable after a cancer diagnosis than regular chairs.

Choosing the best recliner chairs for cancer patients can be challenging since there are so many available options that it could be confusing. One could ultimately choose the wrong chair after a cancer diagnosis based on incorrect information.  

Therefore, we have undertaken extensive research for this article. This article provides recommendations for the most effective recliners for cancer patients and some key features to consider before choosing a recliner chair after a cancer diagnosis. In addition, we have also included some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about why the power lift recliner serves best after a cancer diagnosis.

At A Glance: 8 Best Recliner Chairs For Cancer Patients

For those in a hurry, here is the list of the top 8 best recliners for cancer patients. 

  1. BONZY Power Lift Chair – Best Recliner Chair For cancer Patients – (Top Pick)
  2. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Chair – Best Dual Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair- ( Runner Up)
  3. Magic Union Power Lift Chair – Best Massage Recliner chair For Cancer Patients
  4. Lift Chair for Elderly Massage – Best Multi-Feature Recliner After Cancer Diagnosis
  5. Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Recliner In Blue And Grey Colour Options
  6. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Recliner – Soft And Comfy
  7. Mecor Lift Recliner for Elderly – Recliner Chair With Comfortable Lumbar Support
  8. Homall Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Living Room Option For Cancer Patients

1. BONZY Power Lift Chair – Best Recliner for Cancer Patients – (Top Pick)

bonzy recliner for cancer patients

Product Features

  • The chair is soft and durable, made up of high-quality material.
  • The backrest of this chair fits snugly into your back and supports your body in an optimal position while you sit. 
  • It has a Lift mechanism with a smooth and easy recline function so that you can adjust and use it according to your comfort needs.
  • The recliner chair can be controlled with ease via the attached remote control.
  • You can quickly assemble the recliner, and there are side pockets for storing your remote, books, etc.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: This Bonzy lift chair tops our list of the best recliner chairs for cancer patients. Its comfortable padding, modern looks, and lift assistance make it a suitable choice for cancer patients.

What makes this recliner chair ideal for cancer patients? This recliner chair is ideal for cancer patients because it has an easy-to-use reclining mechanism that ensures you can adjust this comfortable chair according to your needs without feeling uncomfortable.

In terms of the lift mechanism, it is handy for people going through cancer treatment. This is because it won’t put pressure on the patient’s body since it allows the seated person to stand without another person’s assistance.

Final Thoughts: This Bonzy power lift recliner chair offers a comfortable and seamless seating experience. So comfortable that you will feel it hugging you as you sit on it. It will also promote circulation as you can raise your legs and lean back while adjusting reclining positions. All in All, with its luxury and contemporary features combined with comfort and ease of assembly, it is an excellent option for cancer patients.

  • Fabric is made of high quality that is easy to clean.
  • The chair is so comfortable that you can feel comfort from leg to toe, and it is not overly cumbersome.
  • The lift assist is smooth and knot-free, allowing for easy standing.
  • Not bulky and easy to move.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Reclining and the footrest are not independent, which means the foot rest will not rise until the back starts to tilt backward.

2. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Chair – Best Dual Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair- (Runner Up)

ashley yandel electric power lift recliner for for cancer patients

Product Features

  • This chair is upholstered in saddle brown poly-fiber that looks like leather.
  • The chair has a high back which is thickly padded.
  • This power lift chair is powered by dual motors.
  • The chair offers multiple reclining positions as well as lift assistance, avoiding sudden jerks and pressure on cancer patients, and it easily operates with remote control.
  • A metal-reinforced seat makes this chair durable and long-lasting.

What we think About This Product

Overview: The Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner is another great option if you’re looking for the best recliners. It is made by Ashley company, known for high-quality products with maximum comfort, making customers satisfied.

What Makes This Recliner Ideal For Cancer Patients? The first thing that makes this power lift recliner ideal and sets it apart from its competitors is its dual-lift motor, which makes the mechanism smoother and more effective. Buyers are happy with this recliner because it does not produce a cringe-inducing noise and offers all kinds of easy adjustments.

By using the remote control, it allows you to adjust the recline position of the chair as well as the lift feature to get out of the recliner without any effort on your part. Furthermore, this recliner chair for cancer patients is equipped with a slow and smooth lift motor that keeps the pressure at bay for the person seated.

Final Thoughts: With the thickly padded back of the chair to ensure maximum comfort for the seater, as well as the durability of the recliner frame and the upholstery’s sturdiness, this Ashley Yandel Power Lift Chair is going to be the next best option after our top pick Bonzy power lift recliner.

  • The chair is very comfortable 
  • The material is antiskid compared to other chairs.
  • The lift feature is so convenient that you can easily step out of the chair once it is lifted up. 
  • The backrest and feet also work independently from each other.
  • The foot rests and backrest also work independently.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • No Cup Holders to hold drinks.

3. Magic Union Power Lift Chair – Best Massage Recliner chair For Cancer Patients

magic union power lift recliner chair for for cancer patients

Product Features

  • The chair has a sturdy metal base, and solid wood frame and is covered with high-quality faux leather.
  • It has 5 pre-programmed massage modes that focus on 4 areas (back to toes) with 8 vibrating points.
  • The lumbar heating feature is intended to provide warmth to your lumbar region.
  • A power lift function is offered by this recliner, along with adjustable reclining.
  • Two remote controls are included with the recliner, one of which can control the recliner functions and one that can control the massage and heat functions.
  • There are two cup holders on the armrest for holding drinks and two side pockets for easy storage.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The Magic Union Power Lift recliner is a luxurious option sold at Target. Its modern design and comfy features make it an excellent choice, especially for those cancer patients looking to experience the comfort of heat and massage features.

There is also a power lift feature with this recliner to help you get up more easily from the chair. 

As you may be confused about the above two recliners, they are also power lift recliners, so what makes this recliner different from theirs? This recliner offers an additional comfort feature of massage and heating to ensure that you receive the best seating experience.  

The chair’s massage feature has 8 vibrating points with 5 intensities that can be controlled remotely. The massage feature focuses on 4 significant parts of your body.

  • Back
  • Lumbar
  • Thigs
  • Legs

Thus, this recliner will facilitate the relaxation of your whole body. At the same time, on the lumbar part, a heat function is available, which will allow you to enjoy the warmth and relieve pressure simultaneously. 

Final Thoughts: This massage recliner for cancer patients is stylish and has a lot of comforts, and features a sturdy frame with a weight capacity of up to 330-350 LB. So, in the end, if you’re looking for a massage feature and heat feature like me, you should stop here and read our buyer’s guide. Otherwise, let’s keep reading.

  • A perfect chair for good posture. 
  • The recline and lift functions make getting up and down hassle free.
  • Its heat and massage function will help you relax both your body and soul.
  • There are cupholders and side pockets on the chair.
  • Some buyers complain that its motor makes a bit of noise.

4. Lift Chair for Elderly Massage – Best Multi-Feature Recliner After Cancer Diagnosis

fdw lift chair for for for cancer patients

Product Features:

  • The chair fabric is made from a soft and durable textile material. 
  • The massage chair provides five modes of massaging, and it has eight massage points with two levels of massage intensity to soothe your body muscles.
  • This power lift recliner chair will assist you in standing up without putting too much pressure on your back or knees and comes with a reclining mechanism that can be easily adjusted in multiple positions.
  • The massage feature is easily adjustable with the attached remote, and for the reclining features, there are 2 buttons on the right side of this chair.
  • Apart from those listed above recliner, it features a USB port for charging devices. It also has side pockets and cup holders on the armrest.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: Look no further than this recliner chair if you’re looking for a chair with all-in-one features that will allow you to relax and do small tasks while sitting in a recliner like charging your devices, holding your drinks in the cup holders on the armrests, and having lift assistance to make standing up easier.  

Additionally, the material from which it is made is very soft, and the backrest has tufted cushions to enhance relaxation. 

Moreover, it provides 5 massage modes, 8 vibrating points, and two intensity settings via the remote control, so you will receive reasonable comfort from its massage function.  

Final Thoughts: This recliner provides all the comforts and functionality you need in a chair after cancer diagnosis, so getting this recliner is also a good option with these features.

  • It is very comfortable to sit in this chair.
  • It is not bulky.
  • It is easy to adjust to your needs.
  • It is easy to assemble the chair.
  • It looks less modern.

5. Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Recliner In Blue And Grey Colour Options

esright electric power lift chair recliner sofa for cancer patients

Product Features

  • It is made of high-quality material that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • It has a heating and massage system, which you can control with the remote controller.
  • The chair offers smooth lifting and reclining mechanisms to adjust to your needs.
  • The reclining and lifting function of this chair can be controlled by 2 buttons at the side.
  • The chair also includes a USB port for charging your device, 2 cup holders, and pockets on both sides.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The combination of comfort and design makes this Esright Power Lift Recliner Chair a suitable choice for people undergoing cancer treatment. With this best recliner chair for cancer patients, you can recline up to 140 degrees to adjust to your personal preference.

Also, the chair offers you comfortable lift assistance when you need to stand, relieving pressure from your hip joints and other pressure points. There are two buttons on the right side; one for lifting and one for reclining. This makes it easy to operate the reclining positions and lift functions. You’ll also find a USB port under these buttons so you can recharge your devices.

Regarding recliner heat and massage features, this recliner has 5 vibration massage modes, 2 levels of vibration intensity, and an 8-point massage (4 areas: leg, tight, lumbar, back) which is easy to control with the remote it comes.

Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a recliner with more convenient features in blue and grey colors, this Esright Power Lift Recliner is another good recliner for cancer patients.

  • The chair material is of high quality. 
  • Lift features work well. 
  • The massage and lower back heat are very comfortable. 
  • Chair is easy to put together.
  • No remote for the recline and lift functions; only buttons on the right side can be operated

Other 3 We Also Consider

6. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Recliner- Soft And Comfy

domesis renu leather power lift chair recliner for cancer patients

Overview: Our list of best cancer patients recliner chairs for is sure to include this Domesis Renu recliner chair if you’re looking for a well-designed, comfortable recliner at a reasonable price.  Plush, high-density foam is used to cushion the back, seat, and arms of this padded chair, which is upholstered in high-quality breathable leather.

Despite any aches you might have after a cancer diagnosis, this chair will give you some comfortable seating with lift assistance. To easily get out of the recliner, the lift assistance assists you in raising the lift base without any additional effort on your part. However, the chairs lack extra convenient features such as cupholders and USB ports.

Final Thoughts: All in all, it is one of the suitable recliner chairs to fit within this budget. This is because it offers both comfort and durability thanks to its laminated hardwood and steel frame, making it long-lasting.

7. Mecor Lift Recliner for Elderly – Recliner Chair With Comfortable Lumbar Support

mecor lift recliner for cancer patients

Overview: Our recommendation for the Mecor Power Lift Recliner chair is based on its credibility among its consumers.

There is no doubt that this recliner chair for cancer patients is comprehensive: it provides support, as well as a comfortable sitting experience because of its massage and heating features, as well as an adjustable reclining backrest and a lift assistance base to allow patients to get up easily and out of the chair.

Final Thoughts: Mecor power lift recliner is a reliable piece of furniture for those who are living with cancer since it is a comfortable companion if you would like to relax and watch TV or read a book. Not to mention that this chair has multiple excellent features and is a favorite among people of all ages, as it comes in black.

8. Homall Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Living Room Option For Cancer Patients

homall electric power lift recliner for cancer patients

Overview: The list of top-rated recliner chairs for cancer patients ends with this Homall electric power lift recliner. The chair has a durable frame and high-quality leather material to ensure that the chair lasts for a long time, and its backrest promotes good posture while supporting your upper and lower spine.

The recliner also has smooth reclining and lift assistance, which can be adjusted using the remote control according to your preferences. However, the armrest is quite thin and is not comfortable enough, but that is not a big deal in this price range.

Final Thoughts: The chair is not bulky and is a stylish single piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere you like to get a comfortable seating spot.

Most Important Things To Look At Before Buying The Best Recliners For Cancer

Having a recliner is recommended by doctors in many health cases such as hip pain and neck pain because the right recliner can be the instant relaxation spot one could have in their home.

Here are the things you need to consider before buying the best recliners after a cancer diagnosis.


Knowing how controls work before buying a recliner chair for cancer patients is important. When we say controls, we mean that the recliner’s adjustability and other features should be easy for the patient to control.

We recommend electric power recliners since they are very easy to operate, and they have remote controls and easy-to-reach buttons that make sitting and relaxing comfort. However, they can be rather expensive because electric lift recliners are specifically designed to give you comfort tailored to your preferences.

Lift And Reclining Features:

The recliners in our list were selected after thorough research and based on buyer reviews to get a smoother and more comfortable seating experience with luxurious and easy-to-use features.

Power lift recliners (lift assistance) allow the recliner seater to effortlessly get out of the chair without exerting too much effort. For this reason, the recliner lift mechanism should function smoothly and be durable so that it ensures the long-term use of the recliner. 

A reclining feature is also an important consideration. Recliners are known for their ease of reclining and their comfort. Thus, the quality experience depends on your brand, which might be quite pricey. However, quality should never be compromised for price.


Choosing a recliner over a standard chair is due to significant comfort reasons as recliners are proven to provide a comfortable seating experience with adequate support.

Make sure that the recliner for cancer patients has well-padded or thick memory foam in the backrest, giving your body an appropriate posture.

Durability Check:

Finally, as the cancer patient will spend a lot of time resting, durability should be taken into account.

Therefore, the best option is to choose a reclining chair with a solid, high-quality frame covered with high-quality material.  


In conclusion, during the research for the best rated recliner chairs, we found 40 different recliner chairs and trimmed that list down to only 8 best choices that can be used as a comfy sitting option after a cancer diagnosis.

We aimed to provide the patients with the most comfortable chairs that included additional features, like those found in power lift recliners. Therefore, we included Lift chairs in the review list, with every chair having some different types of functionalities depending on the person’s choice.

However, it is wise to select any of the 8 best recliner chairs that we recommend to ensure maximum comfort. Of course, it is also up to your personal preferences. So, if you are still unsure which option to choose out of so many best options, let me sum it up to make it easier.

  • For those on a budget who want all the great features of lift recliner chairs, I would recommend choosing from the other three products we also consider.
  • Other than that, if you like massage and heat, you should select our 3rd recommendation of the best recliner for cancer patients which is (the Magic Union Power Lift Recliner).
  • If not, our top pick (BONZY Power Lift Chair) is what you should be looking for to maximize your comfy seating experience.
  • Otherwise, (Ashley Yandel Power Lift Chair) Is what you should stop on as it is powered by dual motors, making it a unique and more durable recliner on our list.


Why is a power lift recliner more suitable for cancer patients?

Power lift recliners are beneficial for cancer patients as they provide a smoother transition from sitting to standing. In addition, these recliners provide exceptional comfort and support that can help reduce fatigue during recovery. Furthermore, the power lift recliner is more convenient and easier to use, making it the ideal choice for cancer patients.

Are all recliners good for cancer patients?

Not all recliners are suitable for cancer patients. It is important to consider factors such as back and neck support, lift and reclining features, controls, and durability before selecting a recliner.

What Is A Medical Recliner?

The medical recliner chair is a reclining chair designed for patients undergoing rehab after illness or surgery, and it is especially beneficial for patients with arthritis or other mobility issues. Examples of such Comfortable recliners are power lift recliners, which doctors recommend.

Are Power Lift Recliners Worth It?

Power lift recliners are worth their price because they provide many extra features over standard recliners. These additional features include power lift assistance, which allows patients or users to stand with the touch of a button. There is also a footrest that extends from the front that allows the user to position themselves comfortably while elevating their legs.

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