Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation? (Guide) – 2022

People are always concerned about their health, so if you bought a recliner and want to know are recliners bad for leg circulation, you’ve come to the right place. 

So is reclining good or bad for leg circulation?  

Right reclining chairs with elevated footrests, such as a riser recliner, are beneficial to people with bad circulation, swollen legs, or edema. They allow users to comfortably elevate their legs above the heart level or nearer to it, promoting healthy blood circulation.

However, there have been instances where recliners have led to poor blood circulation as not all recliners are perfect for maintaining blood flow, and sitting in the wrong recliner with improper posture can cause other health issues.

Further, I have researched a lot to inform you how your recliner chair could lead to leg injuries. I’ll also discuss how to sit properly in a recliner to ensure the right amount of blood is flowing, along with other important points to help you become more knowledgeable. So let’s start. 

Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation? Let’s Dive Inside

The answer to the question “are recliners bad for leg circulation” depends on two factors: The recliner itself and the person using it.

Yes, you heard it right, recliners are actually beneficial if used properly!

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How Can Your Recliner Chair Cause Leg Circulation Problems?

Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation?

Recliner chairs can cause leg circulation problems if they have the following factors or if you are adopting those things which are medically killing your nerves and causing leg circulatory problems, such as:

Poorly Designed Recliner Chair

Having a recliner that is the wrong size and lacks comfort, as well as one that provides a poor sitting position, will negatively affect your health.

It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the recliner you own or intend to buy has a thickly padded backrest, a smooth reclining mechanism, and a footrest that can be adjusted quickly and will elevate your legs above your heart so that healthy blood circulation takes place.

Ideally, our recommended recliners for leg circulation problems would provide you with sufficient comfort and support for your entire body.

Uncomfortable Footrest

Footrests facilitate reclining comfortably so that blood flows throughout your entire body without causing discomfort to your feet. Footrests on recliners provide ideal support, so your feet won’t hang down, causing pressure on your feet. 

The footrest of every recliner is not built the same. In other words, if your recliner has an uncomfortable footrest, you are likely to experience leg problems such as leg ache, swollen feet, and knee pain due to your recliner

So make sure you don’t compromise the footrest feature of a recliner chair as an ideal footrest raises your legs above your heart level. 

Improper Posture

Blood circulation consists of two words: first, blood, and second, circulation. Circulation refers to blood movement around the body, which is facilitated by the heart’s pumping.

Therefore, if you sit in a chair with an incorrect design or with improper posture for a prolonged period of time, you could be causing your circulatory system to have difficulty pushing blood from the lower body to your heart.

Wearing Tight Clothing

Tight clothing, such as skin-tight jeans that puts pressure on your legs, hips, belly, and other parts of your body can restrict leg circulation and hurt nerves in the lower body, preventing its natural flow and return.  

Conclusion:  Choosing a poorly designed recliner with an uncomfortable sitting position and an uncomfortable footrest may cause problems with leg circulation or lead to an improper posture that does not encourage proper leg circulation. 

Therefore, make sure the chair you choose meets your needs and helps you maintain your body posture. Similarly, avoid wearing tight clothing if you experience leg aches.   

How Can I Use A Recliner Chair For Better Blood flow

Elevating Your Legs

Sitting in a recliner while elevating your legs for 20-30 minutes 2 to 3 times a day improves blood pressure in your lower extremities. You can keep both your leg lifted after frequent breaks if you feel comfortable.  

It is beneficial to elevate your leg because it reduces pressure on the veins in your leg muscles, which means your blood circulates more effectively in your veins and arteries. Gravity is also an advantage because your heart has to work less hard, pumping blood more efficiently.  

There are many other benefits of elevating your legs properly:

  • Better circulation of blood.
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation.
  • Prevents venous stasis.
  • Reduce the risk of developing DVT.

The Ideal Position For Feet On A Recliner

For optimal circulation, your feet should hang a bit over the footrest, which will keep the pressure off your legs and feet.  

Many people often wonder what is the best position for their feet while reclining.

Ideally, when you recline, let your feet hang naturally from the recliner footrest. You should only drop your heels slightly over the recliner to keep the pressure away instead of keeping them completely resting on the footrest. Otherwise, it will put pressure on your heels after some time reclining.    

When you do so, it can help you to sit comfortably in a recliner.

Furthermore, when you sit in a recliner, bend your knees slightly to support your body comfortably. If your knees are too far apart or too close together, this could lead to back, leg or neck pain.

Keep Moving

When it comes to blood circulation, prolonged sitting in the same reclined position can be problematic; thus, power recliners are convenient since they allow the user to adjust the infinite reclining position according to their preferences at the touch of a button.

Likewise, sitting in a recliner and not moving can also develop blood clots and leg circulation problems. Shift your position often. I suggest getting up every hour and walking around so that your body can remain active.

You may also experience numbness in your feet and legs when seated in the same position. As a result of your sedentary sitting habit, blood circulation is affected. This makes you wonder why your feet hurt sitting in a recliner. So as I told you in the above paragraph, you should keep your body active by getting up every hour and walking around.  

Can You reverse Bad Blood Circulation?

Blood flow in leg arteries can actually be reversed by breaking up your sitting regimen with walking breaks and adopting healthier habits like regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and quitting smoking.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of poor circulation, such as cold feet and hands, leg cramps, or muscle cramps, see your physical therapist. They will efficiently answer you and recommend medication to improve and achieve heart maintaining good circulation.

Additionally, making simple lifestyle changes can help reverse bad circulation and improve overall health.


Recliners are a great way to get a comfortable position and lazy. However, if you don’t take the time to maintain healthy leg circulation while lounging in your recliner, then it can cause severe problems for your legs. This is especially true because most people tend not to move their feet once they sit down on a recliner or couch, leading to blood pooling in the lower extremities.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Take five minutes out of every hour spent sitting on a recliner or sofa chair (or even just watching TV).

Make sure that you periodically rotate your ankles by moving them up towards your shins and rotating them downwards past your toes. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for circulation when you recline.

We hope this article on “are recliners bad for leg circulation?” has helped put your mind at ease about the dangers of leg circulation problems in recliners.

Now that you are more informed, you are better equipped to avoid those unsafe things that may be bad for your health. The key is to have a comfortable recliner that does not impede healthy leg circulation and prevents any health risks.  

Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation? – FAQs

Are Recliners Good For Your Legs Circulation?

The right recliners are good for leg circulation because they come with an adjustable footrest that allows you to lift your lower body, helping neutralize the blood flow and preventing circulatory disorders such as varicose veins and edema — as long as you recline them correctly.

Can sitting in a recliner cause blood clots?

In general, sitting or lying in a recliner isn’t harmful since they offer some of the most comfortable seating experiences. However, in some cases, recliners can be unhealthy and increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, a type of blood clot frequently seen in the legs, particularly when one does not have the correct posture while sitting or if the recliner does not fit properly. 
To Avoid Blood Clots, Wear Compression Socks:
Another way to help avoid blood clots is to wear compression socks or stockings. They keep your legs from getting restless or achy, which helps keep blood flow properly and reduce leg swelling.
Serious Note:
If you experience any blood clots while sitting in a reclining chair, see a doctor right away. Left untreated, blood clots can cause severe health-related problems, and Inaction can result in rapid damage to your body.

Where Should Your Feet Be on a Recliner?

When reclining, your feet should naturally rest on the leg rest. Make sure you do not let your feet hang too far from the edges of the recliner’s footrest, nor put your heels completely on the footrest. Moreover, your heels should dangle slightly over the edge of the chair to avoid straining your foot.

Are recliners good for swollen legs?

You can reduce swelling in your legs with a well-designed recliner such as the dual motor lift recliner chairs. These chairs have many benefits. The dual-motor lift recliner allows you to remain upright while stretching and resting your legs on the footrest and elevating it above the heart to reduce swelling.  

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