6 Best Recliner For Hip Replacement To Buy In 2022 – (What The research Tell Us)

If you have had or are preparing for hip replacement surgery and wish to avoid any discomfort or incorrect posture during the recovery period, we are happy to assist you with recommending the best recliners for hip replacement.

Those who have undergone hip replacements understand how difficult it is to have issues like limited mobility or discomfort when getting up or sitting down. It might be frustrating to need someone’s help to resume your daily work.

Unlike most guides on the web, we did intensive research to find out medically what the best recliner chair for a hip replacement really looks like. Is it beneficial to sit in a recliner after hip surgery? Does a recliner really help the patient follow the restrictions imposed by the doctor in regards to the range of motion? Which is better, a standard recliner or a power lift recliner?

In order to come up with our list of 6 of the best hip replacement recliner chairs, we look at all the evidence and try to determine which chair is most suitable for you or one which helps you in the healing process.

At A Glance: Best Recliner For Hip Replacement Surgery

For those in a hurry, here are the 6 best recliner for hip replacement currently on the market, based on our extensive research.

  1. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner(Top Pick) For Best Recliner For Hip Replacement Patients
  2. Magic Union Power Lift Chair – (Runner Up) For Best Recliner For Hip Surgery
  3. Power Lift Linen Recliner Massage Chair – Best Multi-Functional Choice After Hip Replacement Surgery
  4. Power Lift Lazy Boy Recliner – Best Lazy Boy Recliner For Hip Replacement
  5. Comhoma Recliner Chair – Best Modren Design Recliner
  6. Canmov Recliner Chair – Best Manual Recliner For Hip Replacement
Moreover, if you have undergone hip replacement in the past and you still have hip pain due to your old recliner or not having one then be sure to check out the best and top recliner for hip pain. This will help you relax more effectively.

Can You Sit In A Recliner After Hip Replacement

Yes, you can sit in a recliner after hip replacement. Recliners are proven to be the best seating option one could have. These days, many doctors recommend recliners to patients with any body pain or simply as a way for a patient to sit properly after surgery. This is to avoid improper postures. The reason is that proper sitting can ease pain and speed up the healing process.

However, some limited range of motion is imposed after hip replacements.

They are:

  • Avoid bending your hip more than 90 degrees
  • Try not to cross your leg by the knee/ankle or hip sideways
  • Do not twist or turn your hip sideways
  • Avoid internal rotations
  • Do not try to lift anything off the floor when you are sitting.

The limited range of motion is recommended because a certain range of motion can cause stress to the joint capsule at the surgical site. This protects the patient until the joint is completely healed and safely reaches the end of the restricted range of motion phase.  

Conclusion: After a hip replacement, sitting in a recliner is beneficial, as it is much more supportive than a standard chair. However, you should follow your doctor's instructions regarding movement restrictions, in order to ensure a quick recovery.   

Here Is How A Recliners Can Help A Patient Follow A Doctor’s Movement Restrictions:

Limiting Hip Flexion To 90 Degrees

The hip joints are limited to flexion of 90 degrees because if you exceed that, the joint capsules can be injured.

This is where the recliner is ideal to use after hip replacement surgery. You can adjust the recliner chair to your preference and converse or watch television comfortably with less than 90 degrees of flexion. 

Not Crossing The Legs

You can avoid and control your choice to cross your legs or bend and tilt your hips.  

As a result, the recliner frees you from the tension of sudden and irregular movements. This will avoid any unusual activity that could potentially worsen your recovery process.

No Internal Rotation

Recliner chairs let people drop their toes out to the side. As a result of this position, the leg does not rotate internally.

Conclusion: You can sit comfortably in a recliner without violating your doctor's movement restrictions. 

Problem That Is Faced By Sitting In A Recliner After Hip Replacement

Those who had a hip replacement are limited to the 90-degree rule.

Hence, in this case, when you are sitting on a recliner, one of the major problems you can face is getting out of the chair. You must not bend your hips past 90 degrees to get out of the chair.

If you want to get out of your recliner without any issue and go to sleep or want to walk, you can take only the armrest support. This is not easy and can be challenging as you exert effort, which means that any unwelcome pressure or sudden movement could adversely put stress on your new hips.

In this case, power Lift recliners Take crown for the best suitable type of recliner after hip replacement surgery.

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Conclusion: You may experience problems getting out of a recliner because of the 90-degree rule; this is where a lift recliner can come in handy.

Normal Recliner or Lift Recliner

When it comes to hip replacement recliner chairs, Power Lift Recliner has an advantage over other standard recliner chairs. As the patient may encounter challenges when getting up from the recliner. In this case, standard recliners are not a suitable option. Due to these reasons, the Power Lift Recliner for hip replacement is most effective during your post-operative period.

  • Patients with hip replacements are often issued by the surgeon a restriction on their range of motion, i.e., the 90 degrees rule. Lift Recliners help to maintain those restrictions.
  • The power lift mechanism is strong enough to stand with its lifting mechanism without exerting any external force from your side.
Conclusion: It is best to use Lift Recliners after a hip replacement. They help patients follow their doctor's prescribed range of motion limitations and provide a lifting mechanism to stand with no pressure when rising.

1. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner- (Top Pick) For Best Recliner For Hip Replacement Patients

signature design by ashley yandel faux leather electric recliner for hip replacement

Product Features

  • Material: This recliner has saddle brown upholstery that looks like leather but is thick poly fiber with a comfortable feel to it.
  • Lift Assistance Powered By 2 Motors: This recliner lift mechanism uses dual motors, which are smooth and durable. It allows the user to get up with the touch of a button and stand on his own without having to exert effort from his side.
  • Backrest: This recliner has a high back with thick cushions for proper support and for maximum comfort.
  • Durability Check: This recliner has a sturdy frame with a metal reinforced seat.
  • Assembly Process: It is easy to assemble thanks to the instructions, hardware, and tools included.

What We Think About This Product

This Ashley Yandel power lift recliner for hip replacement takes the crown as the most comfortable recliner after a hip surgery. 

A key feature that makes this recliner chair ideal for hip replacement is its lift feature. It features dual motors that assist you in standing up steadily. As a result, the user can stand comfortably without putting pressure on either hip. In addition, the gentle power lift mechanism encourages faster healing after hip surgery since it places the least amount of pressure on the hip region.

The back cushion of this recliner is of high quality, which is very comfortable, and it maintains a stress-free posture by hugging your body. As for recliner durability, the metal reinforcement used to make the seat is durable and is meant to last for years.

Final Thoughts: Overall, this power lift recliner is exactly what you need to relieve yourself of the burden of overworking your hips. A significant feature that distinguishes this recliner from other Lift Recliners is that it features two motors for the lifting mechanism, which are powerful enough to provide a smooth lifting experience.

  • This chair is very comfortable.
  • It has a durable and smooth lift mechanism.
  • The material of the chair is antislip, so it won’t slip like on other chairs.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cupholders are not available to hold beverages.
  • There is no USB port to recharge devices.

2. Magic Union Power Lift Chair – (Runner Up) For Best Recliner For Hip Surgery

magic union power lift chair recliner faux leather heated vibration massage sofa for hip replacement

Product Features

  • Material: This recliner’s finely padded headrest and backrest are made of high-quality PU material to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Standup Assistance: Power lift assistance is another feature of this recliner; it allows you to stand up easier. The difference between the above and this lift recliner is that this features one solid and smooth motor rather than 2.
  • Various Functions: It has 8 massage points and 5 optional massage modes to make your hip replacement more comfortable.
  • Control: This recliner has easy-to-use controls that let you change massage modes or set up the lifting angle to fit your needs 
  • Other Useful Features: The chair has two cup holders on both armrests for beverages, as well as convenient pockets to store remotes, books, etc.
  • Durability Check: The recliner comprises a solid wood frame coupled with a durable metal construction that remains stable.

What We Think About This Product

This recliner is a comfortable seating option for relieving body stress after hip surgery. To ensure that you don’t feel any pressure from your hip regions while you relax, it has thick, padded upholstery.

In addition to having all the features of a high-quality recliner chair with massage and heating features, it also offers power lift assistance. This makes it ideal for your hip area with an additional comfort level to ease you in standing.

Final Thoughts: With this choice for the best recliner for hip replacement, you can forget about discomfort in sitting posture after hip surgery that can worsen the healing process. All the features on this recliner can be controlled with the help of two remote controls, so overall, it is a good investment since when you are well, you can continue resting in it.

  • The chair is very comfortable with all the necessary features.
  • Heat and massage options let you relax in comfort.
  • Easy to adjust to your preferences.
  • Easy assembly.
  • There are often complaints about massager noise.

3. Linen Lift Recliner Massage Chair – Best Multi Functional Choice After Hip Replacement Surgery

best choice products electric power lift linen recliner massage chair for hip replacement

Product Features

  • Material: Recliner chair fabric is made from high-quality linen.
  • Lift Function: This technology assists in standing so hip replacement recovery is made easier without putting stress on the joint.
  • Massage and Heat feature: It has 3 massage modes, primarily targeting the back region and thighs, and a heat setting to provide constant warmth to aid in healing.
  • Three-way Recliner: With this versatile recliner, you can sit upright or recline as you prefer and lift it for the ultimate lounging experience.
  • Durability: It has an anti-tipping base that is stable and strong and made to last much longer. 
  • Extra Convenient features: It comes with 2 side pockets, 2 front pockets for easy storage, A USB port to charge your device, and 2 cup holders.

What We Think About This Product


This power lift recliner has a comfortable, modern look and provides a three-way solution with a hand-operated remote for reclining, upright, and lift. Thanks to the thickly cushioned backrest of the recliner, your seating will be in a good manner because it provides the necessary support.

This recliner chair can relax your lower and upper back muscles with three massage settings.  Furthermore, there are two heat levels that are controlled with a remote control that can be adjusted to make the heat intense or light.  

Final Thoughts: With this power lift recliner, you are not only getting comfort but also convenient features like side pockets, front pockets, cup holders, and USB ports for charging your devices while comfortably sitting on it, so it’s an all-in-one solution.

Furthermore, the recliner’s anti-tipping design and robust mechanism make it a durable purchase. In general, if you’re looking for all the handy features for your activities while sitting, this could be a suitable option.

  • The heat and massage work great.
  • The leg rest and back rest are independently controlled, allowing you to adjust them according to your needs.
  • There are two side pockets, two front pockets, a USB port, and two cup holders.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The massage controller is small.

4. Power Lift Lazy Boy Recliner – Best Lazy Boy Recliner For Hip Replacement

power lift recliner ever advanced lift recliners for hip replacement

Product Features

  • Material: This recliner chair is covered in high-quality black PVC leather.
  • Recliner Mechanism Feature: This recliner comes with a power lifting mechanism that allows the seated person to stand without any effort.   
  • Massager and Heating Comfort: This recliner features a soft seat that facilitates relaxation, as well as lumbar heating and 8 massage points for your entire body, 5 vibration modes and two intensity settings.  
  • Convenient Features: The recliner has one USB port for recharging your devices, two storage pockets on the sides of the recliner, and 2 cup holders to hold your beverages.
  • Durability Check: This recliner has a stable steel frame that is strong enough to hold 330 LB weight capacity.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: This power lift lazy boy recliner is a suitable recliner after hip replacement surgery. Its contemporary design and features make it a comfy reclining chair to rest your hips after surgery.

Further, it also features a power lift feature that allows you to stand with the automatic lift mechanism of the recliner to ensure that you put the least amount of stress on your new hip effortlessly. The massager and heat features give you a higher level of comfort. The massager has 8 points, of which 5 are for your sore muscles, offering you immediate relief.

Final Thoughts: This black leather recliner has the power lift feature as well as all of the comfortable functionalities you’d expect from a recliner, making it a great buy.

  • The recliner has a modern design.
  • It has an easy to operate lift feature.
  • It has a cup holder and a USB port.
  • It is very easy to assemble without needing tools.
  • The backrest has a lot of padding that pushes you forward, which makes some people feel comfortable, and other people feel uncomfortable after a while

Other 2 We Also Consider

5. Comhoma Recliner Chair – Best Modren Design Recliner

comhoma pu leather modern rocker with heated massage ergonomic lounge recliner for hip replacement surgery

Product Features

  • Material: A high-quality PU Leather makes up the material of this recliner, and the backrest is comfy and thickly padded to give you a comfortable sitting position. 
  • Functionalities: The Comhoma recliner chair offers a smooth range of movement like reclining, rocking, and 360 degrees turning, so you can get the comfort you are looking for.
  • Massage And Heat Feature: This massage chair has 4 massage points with 5 massage modes and lumbar heating to soothe your hip muscles, controlled by a remote.
  • Extra Convenient Features: There are 2 cup holders, side pockets, and a padded headrest that provides frequent support from your neck to your lower back.
  • Durability Check: The recliner has a sturdy metal frame covered in high-quality PU leather that supports 400 lbs.

What We Think About This Product

Overview: The comhoma recliner chair can be helpful in the recovery process for those who have undergone hip replacements because it provides a combination of comfort, durability, and relaxation. Although it lacks a lifting mechanism, this recliner has a very comforting massage and heat feature that is very effective in helping you sit for a very long time.

This recliner’s high-end bacs with thick sponge padding allow maximum support while seated. It has a comfortable seat that hugs your buttocks and provides excellent lumbar support to stop pressure as you get in traditional chairs.

Besides functionality, the recliner’s base can swivel and rock, smooth enough to relax in the way you want without any unpleasant movement.

Final Thoughts: Lastly, the buyer reviews and our in-depth analysis of this recliner convinced us that its credibility and comfort would prevent hip instability after surgery.

  • The chair is extremely soft.
  • The recliner has a 360-degree swivel, recline, and rock function. you will love them.
  • The massager works well and the heater covers the entire chair, not just your back or your butt.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Not Comfortable for tall person.

6. Canmov Recliner Chair – Best Manual Recliner For Hip Replacement

canmov leather recliner classic and traditional manual for hip replacement surgery

Product Features

  • Material: This recliner chair is upholstered with high-quality faux leather.
  • Comfort: This chair’s backrest has two high-density foam overstuffed pillows, one for your neck and one for your back.
  • Reclining: It also features a reclining function that is very smooth.
  • Operation: This manual recliner is easy to adjust according to your preferences.
  • Durability Check: As a result of its durable and long-lasting metal frame, this recliner chair is robustly stable

What We Think About This Product

Overview: A review of this Canmov recliner ends our list of the best recliners for hip replacement. This manual reclining chair provides everything you need after surgery, including comfort and adequate support for your lower back.

There is an LVL system for the stability of your body and overstuffed pillows for your neck and back. They ensure your hip area is soothed, and you can get back to your normal life faster. With high-density foam all over the recliner, the recliner snugs you in.

Final Thoughts: Having these comforting features and the modern and classical designs, it still wins the race for maintaining a suitable hip position due to its two overstuffed pillows. Therefore, if you are someone who wants a manually operated hip replacement recliner, then it would be a good idea to go with this recliner.

  • Very comfortable.
  • The chair has a modern and classical design.
  • It has a sturdy frame to last long.
  • The chair is easy to assemble.
  • There are no cup holders or USB ports.
  • It is quite bulky.

Things To Look For Before Buying The Best Recliner For Hip Replacement:

Getting a recliner after hip replacement surgery is what should be done with care. So, when we were selecting the best recliner after hip surgery, we considered these criteria to ensure maximum comfort to prevent any risky movements that could seriously hinder the healing process.

Lifting Mechanism

Given that power Lift recliner are preferable to use after hip replacement surgery as it tilts so you are able to get out of the chair and all kinds of other positions still observing the 90-degree rule.

That’s why make sure that the recliner you are going to buy has a smooth and powerful lifting mechanism so that it can be with you in long run.


For ensuring that the purchase you are planning to make it worth the money, you should check the comfort of the recliner first.

A recliner with thin padding provides minimal comfort and makes you feel uncomfortable if you sit in it for extended periods of time.

It is therefore recommended that you choose a reclining chair with a thickly padded backrest made from durable materials. This will ensure that you can feel comfortable in it even after a long period of sitting.

Also, recliners with heating and massage functions are more likely to provide extra comfort by soothing your muscles and easing your overall body stress.

Doctors Recomendations

According to doctors, during your recovery after hip surgery, you will be restricted from bending your legs under 90° with your back. Whenever you stand, your vertical angle is 180 degrees, no problem. However, when you sit, your vertical angle declines.

Imagine sitting in a standard recliner instead of a lift recliner, and then getting out of it. Your chest moves down to enable your center of gravity to be over your legs when you stand up. This is a bad sign since you likely have a leg-to-back angle of fewer than 90 degrees. In summary, the trick is to stay away from violating this angle for several months.  

Convienient Features

The reason recliners are considered best seating is because of their comfort and the features that they offer.

Ideally, It would be good if the recliner came with some useful features like cup holders, storage bags, or a USB charge port so you don’t have to bend over to grab a glass of water from your desk or get up to charge your phone.


In conclusion, After hip surgery, recliners might be a better option than standard chairs.. Especially lift recliners because they take away all the complications of standing and following the 90-degree range of motion limitations.  

However, you should strictly adhere to your doctor’s recommendations, as each individual’s body is unique, and therefore the healing process may differ based on your own unique situation.

My final wish is that you find this article helpful since I thoroughly researched it to find you the best reclining chairs available in the market for hip surgery, so you can be in the best position for a successful recovery.  


Is A Recliner OK After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Normally, recliners are okay after hip replacement, but one of the biggest limitations is not bending your legs less than 90 degrees with your back while sitting or standing. In this case, you shouldn’t violate the 90-degree rule until your surgeon releases you from the mobility restrictions.  

How Do You Get Out Of A Recliner After A Hip Replacement?

Ideally, you should put the least amount of pressure on your hip after the surgery. The most effective option, in this case, is to use lift recliners to avoid any unwanted strain. With lift recliners, you can get out of the chair with a simple press of a button without any external force.

Can I Sleep In A Recliner After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Yes, you can sleep in a recliner after hip replacement surgery. All you have to do is ensure you are sitting according to your doctor’s mobility recommendations to avoid the risk of dislocation of your new hip. Be sure to choose a comfortable recliner after hip replacement, and it fits your body perfectly so you won’t have any discomfort.

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