Is Recliner Good After Heart Surgery? Proper Guide & Tips

Most people nowadays search on the web before and after heart surgery asking, “Is recliner good after heart surgery?” They end up finding many different opinions, however, they are not presented in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, I am here, today, to give you the best answer to your question along with some other relevant points pertinent to your query.

So. “Is recliner good or bad after heart surgery?”

Recliners help patients sink into a chair comfortably and relax after heart surgery while giving them the ability to adjust it according to their preferences easily. In some situations, recliners can cause discomfort, but only if they are uncomfortable or poorly designed.

As a result, a good-designed recliner like the power lift recliner can aid heart surgery patients during their recovery by letting them stand easily and sit comfortably.

Is Recliner Chair Good After Heart Surgery? Let’s Find Out

When someone hears the name of recliners, several things that come into mind are comfort, relaxation, alleviation, convenience, and doctor’s suggestions.

However, despite these things, the question remains: Are all recliners suitable after heart surgery? Well, probably not, as it depends on the brand you choose and the features it has. In short, the power lift recliner chair fits perfect fit in after open heart surgery.

So, what is the most suitable recliner after heart surgery, and how do you determine that you should choose a recliner over your ordinary bed? Let’s start with a few words about human nature. As we know, we are inclined to believe things, and especially if it’s a sensitive subject such as “heart surgery” without proof and facts, there will be plenty of debate among you regarding whether it is right or not.    

In order to clear your doubts about why you should choose a recliner over other resting options, you may (Click Here) to see how others experienced using recliners following open-heart surgery. 

Why Are Recliners Good After Open Heart Surgery

Many things make the recliner good after open-heart surgery. But to keep it meaningful and easy to understand, I will be sharing 3 of the most valuable advantages that a recliner gives over other resting options after heart surgery to be recovered safely and effectively.

1. Provides Comfort

The purpose of recliners is to relieve patients’ discomfort and help them relax after heart surgery. A well-designed reclining chair has a thickly cushioned backrest and seat, keeping your spine in an optimum position by maintaining an upright posture.   

2. Easy To Get In And Out

Most people think recliners are reserved for luxuries, but a power lift recliner chair can also be an excellent option for you after heart surgery. 

After the surgery, your doctor will instruct you to take proper care of yourself. You will be advised to avoid any type of activity which can put pressure on your broken sternum.

In fact, following the surgery, you will feel different kinds of pressure on your chest. Therefore, lying flat on a bed can be risky since you will feel pressure on your chest when you rest or stand up from it.

For this reason, I recommend using a power lift reclining chair as these types of chairs will enable you to easily stand without putting stress on the surgical site.

3. Convenient Controlling

Reading this point is another crucial aspect that will prove you is recliner good after heart surgery or bad. 

In this point, I have talked about the convenience that the recliner gives for adjusting the mechanism according to the way patients want. Recliners such as power lift chairs or simple electric recliners come with handy remote control.

So, that remote gives the patient ease of adjusting the reclining positions and a lift feature with the touch of a button, which is way easier than traditional recliners that are operated manually with the right side lever.

Is It Ok To Sleep In A Recliner After Heart Surgery?

Is it ok to sleep in a recliner after heart surgery?

After heart surgery, patients are told to sleep upright while their chests heal. Sleeping on your back after heart surgery could lead to stress at the surgical site.

In this regard, recliners play an imperative role since they provide you with full control of your reclining position so you can adjust it to a semi-upright position while remaining in a comfortable sleeping position. [source]

How to Sleep In A Recliner After Heart Surgery?

To sleep comfortably on a recliner after heart surgery, keep the following points in mind:

Neck Pillows

It is recommended that you place neck pillows or rolled towels behind your head and neck so that your cervical spine is naturally curled. 

Pro Tip

Neck pillows aren’t required strictly, but if you feel any pressure on your neck or head while sleeping, you can use them.

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Lumbar Support

Poor lower back or lumbar support is one of the key factors that many people fail to consider that can result in extreme pain while sleeping in a recliner after having heart surgery.

To sleep comfortably in a recliner following heart surgery for a prolonged period of time, you should use pillows or towels to support your back. There are also specially designed lumbar support pillows in the market that you can buy as well.

Pro Tip

For comfortable rest, I recommend supporting your back after a while if you cannot tolerate your lumbar spine being supported all the time with pillows.

Lower Body

Recliners come with an adjustable reclining position. As a result, the footrest elevates when you recline. Ensure that the recliner you are using has a comfortable footrest so that your knees and legs remain well-supported.

Pro Tip

Most recliners cannot raise the legs above the level of the heart, but some can raise the footrest above the heart. In order to elevate your legs above heart level, I recommend you use extra pillows or wedge pillows to achieve the required elevation as it improves blood circulation and allows you to relax for as long as you like.

Conclusion. Is Recliner Good After Heart Surgery

In conclusion, you should avoid any activities that cause undue stress on your body after heart surgery. It is advisable to avoid strenuous physical activity for as long as your doctors recommend and allow you to have changes in your lifestyle.

When it comes to your query, “is recliner good after heart surgery” I hope that you have understood that recliners are good. You can sleep more comfortably on a recliner than on your bed after heart surgery.

I am sure that you will also agree with me that recliners are great for recovering from heart surgery patients if you read all the references and my points mentioned above.

In the end, I wish you a speedy recovery!

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