Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Sit In A Recliner? (2022 Updated)

Some of the words that come to mind when we think of recliners are comfort, relief, elevation, and relaxation. However, this might not be the case for everyone, and that’s because you’re here to find out, “Why do my feet hurt when I sit in a recliner?”

If you are having trouble figuring out if a recliner or chair is making your feet hurt, read this article where we explain all the reasons why a recliner sofa could wind up hurting your feet, despite the fact that a right reclining chair cannot cause aching feet or legs.

We’ll also discuss the types of remedies that can be used to relieve the discomfort.

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Sit In A Recliner Chair? Let’s Dive Inside:

If you are serious about getting answers to the question of why do my feet hurt when I sit in a recliner chair? The first thing you have to do is ask yourself if the chair you are sitting in supports your lower body correctly or not.

For better understanding, the following points could be associated with your feet aching while sitting in a reclining chair:

Uncomfortable Recliner

Well, an uncomfortable recliner that doesn’t support your body correctly can cause back pain, hip pain, and lower body problems.

Especially, if the recliner chair is not the right size for your body and has uncomfortable footrests that don’t support your feet properly, it can result in foot and ankle pain, poor blood circulation, and swollen feet. (It may be edema)

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You can also suffer from aching feet in your regular life because of uncomfortable seating. Consequently, when your feet are painful and uncomfortable, you will likely notice that the pain increases whenever you put your feet into use.

For instance, if you have pain in your feet, you may have difficulty walking as every step you take while walking causes more pain. This may be because your feet need time because if you sit in an uncomfortable chair for a long time, it will take time for your feet to reverse the inactivity.  

Dangling Your Feet More Than You Should

Recliners are very beneficial as they have built-in footrests that help the seated person elevate the leg rest, which also helps blood circulation to flow naturally. It allows the user to stretch and relax their legs and feet comfortably.

However, dangling your feet on the recliner’s footrest more than they should has adverse health effects, which can cause:  

  • A constant pressure under your thighs affects blood circulation and might result in muscle soreness in your lower extremities.
  • You won’t be able to comfortably position yourself in the chair against the backrest, causing posture problems.
  • By dangling your feet over the footrest of your recliner more than you should, you might put excessive pressure on your feet’s veins. This will reduce the blood supply from your heart to your feet.

How To Avoid Foot Problems While Sitting In A Recliner?

All the body’s weight is supported by the feet, so foot support must be taken care of. Here are some tips that will help you get rid of feet pain while sitting in a recliner:  

Choose Comfortable Recliner

In order to prevent leg problems, get a comfortable recliner for legs circulation that supports you optimally from head to toe. By comfortable reclining chair, we mean one made of high-quality materials, is easy to adjust, has a smooth reclining mechanism, and many other convenient features.

This will ensure that you experience maximum comfort while you are sitting on a recliner.  


Footrests play an important role in reducing lower extremities problems such as swollen feet, leg pain, and poor circulation. This is because the recliner’s footrest can be elevated to a level above the heart or nearly flat so the seated person can relax comfortably.

Thus, you should ensure that the recliner you select has a thickly padded footrest that you can adjust comfortably and with a considerable height to lift your legs in a comfortable and ideal manner.

To clarify, I should disclose that in one of my articles where I suggested recliners for edema patients, I covered many useful points. I also tested recliners that can help you understand more about recliners and health care.

Pro Tip

If your feet hang over the footrest too much or you feel uncomfortable on the footrest, you can place a cushion or pillows beneath your legs and feet. Another tool you can use for supporting your legs and feet is an ottoman, which is great for extra comfort. 

Stay Active

Last but not least, your body is designed to stay active, so avoid prolonged sitting in a recliner. So, stay active as much as you can. If you spend all day sitting in a chair, you should be aware of the consequences of prolonged sitting.

In addition, you should be walking as much as possible to help you maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.  

How Do You Elevate Feet In A Recliner In A Right Way?

Follow the steps to make the Feet elevation ideal for beneficial health impacts.

  1. Lie back and recline your chair in a comfortable reclining position to meet your comfort.
  2. Elevate the legs above the heart level to promote healthy blood circulation.
  3. Do not hang your feet too far from the edges of the footrest, nor put your heels on the footrest.
  4. When reclining, make sure your heels are slightly hanging over the edge of the chair to avoid placing a strain on your heel or ankle.
  5. Elevate the feet 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes per day to achieve effective leg elevation.

What Is The Fastest Way To Relieve Foot Pain?

In order to treat foot pain, observe the following steps:


I hope this article helped you understand “Why do my feet hurt when I sit in a recliner?”. In conclusion, foot problems are pervasive among the seated person, affecting your day-to-day life. Therefore, you must get the best recliner to help you relax and stay comfortable while seated.


Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Foot Pain?

It is possible to experience foot pain when you sit in a recliner for an extended period of time in the wrong posture. However, taking a break and moving around can alleviate the pain.
Ensure that the recliner you choose offers a comfortable footrest that allows the legs to be stretched up and elevated to ensure proper blood circulation.

Where Should Your Feet Rest On A Recliner?

While you recline, make sure your feet do not hang far away from the edge of the recliner’s footrest. Your feet should fall off slightly at the edge of the footrest as this will keep your feet from getting pressured.  

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