Why Do My Legs Ache When I Sit In A Recliner?

A recliner is one of the most charming and luxurious places one can use as comfortable seating. However, some may consider recliners comfortable but for others, it’s just not. As some people often complain of leg problems, they ask, “Why does my leg ache when I sit in a recliner?”

Leg aches can result from many factors. When you sit in a recliner for long hours, it can cause painful leg cramps and numbness due to a lack of standing up and moving around. It happens because the body has an insufficient circulation of blood to the lower extremities.

Other possibilities include height incompatibility when your recliner is too low for your height and does not fit your body type.

In this article, we’ll take a deep look at what makes the recliner for becoming the cause of leg ache pain and will find the solution for this.

Causes Of Aching Leg While In A Recliner And What To Do About It:

An uncomfortable recliner chair or prolonged sitting can be the cause of leg aches. This can be caused by the wrong chair size or height, which can be too low or too high.

However there are also other possible reasons for leg pain in a recliner, and we discussed their solutions as well:

Must Check The Height Of The Recliner

Must check the height of the recliner. Recliners are designed to fit your body type and not be too high or too low for your comfort. Ensure that when you’re sitting down, your legs will be comfortable in the recliner.

As you get older and your posture changes, it is crucial to choose a recliner that fits your height and body type. As your body may have changed, the height of the chair will need to be adjusted.

In addition, recliner chairs should be comfortable so you can relax your whole body, as it will help support you when you are in a normal sitting position, and a comfortable recliner will also help to relieve foot pain.

Going To A Physician Or Doctor May Help

What if your leg pain remains persistent? Then you should consider going to a physician or doctor because you may be suffering from a medical condition that requires treatment. The doctor may be able to help you find the right solution for your leg ache pain. For healthy legs, the doctor may recommend physical therapy.

Use Pillows To Prevent Leg ache:

Leg pain may be caused if you are not using enough support for your legs or feet in a recliner. So you should make sure that you are using the right amount of support for your feet or leg muscles so that you can be comfortable while sitting in a recliner.

For instance, if you are using a footrest, then you need to use a footrest that is large enough to provide adequate support. You can also use an ottoman or cushion that will provide support to your legs.

Avoid Uncomfortable Items That May Cause Pressure On Your Legs:

Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid heavy items on your legs to avoid restricting blood flow and possibly causing lower body pain such as leg pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

While it does not necessarily mean that you should not wear pants at all when you sit in a recliner, it does suggest that you consider choosing clothes that are loose enough to not cause unnecessary pressure on your lower body, which could lead to proper blood circulation.


“Sitting and sleeping in a recliner with improper posture for a prolonged period can cause hip and knee contractures.”

Steps That You Can Follow To Avoid Legs Pain:

If you are having leg aches while sitting in a recliner, you may need to get up from the recliner and stand up for a few minutes every now and then. This will help to improve blood circulation and reduce leg ache pain. But below we have discussed further things you can do with the recliner to make the pain go away.

The Footrest Can Be Used For A Healthy Leg Position:

Footrests can be beneficial if you suffer from leg aches since they relieve pressure on the feet and legs, and they reduce back strain by shifting the weight evenly.

Footrests are mainly used after surgery for hip or knee replacement to help relieve the pressure on the joints. This helps to avoid the swelling of the joints which can make a person’s recovery a lot easier.

It is also recommended to use recliners for patients with edema, as they can easily sleep in them while elevating the legs.

Pillow For Leg Support:

A pillow placed behind your leg’s muscle is useful in relieving the legs from more pain. It works by spreading the weight of your legs away from the area that hurts. The pillow is important not only because it helps distribute pressure, but also because it provides more comfort and can help you relax.

Lumbar support

The lumbar support in a recliner can help relieve leg pain by increasing the curvature of the spine and reducing back strain. Lumbar support helps to distribute pressure on the lower back, which can help relieve back pain, and further, it can relieve knee contractures

Using an ottoman:

An ottoman can be used to support your legs and relieve leg aches. The ottoman should be comfortable and not too big or too small.

The best ottoman for you depends on the recliner you have, but you can choose a medium-sized one that will not interfere with your leg movement. Ottoman acts as a leg rest that can be used to keep your legs comfortable and it can also be used as a footrest.

The ottoman should be soft and padded to ensure comfort. It is important to choose an ottoman that will not cause the ottoman to slide or move around on your legs, which can cause more pain.

Soft seat cushion

A soft seat cushion can be beneficial for those who suffer from lower back pain. Soft seats can be found in recliners and can help to relieve lower back pain by spreading the pressure of the seat.

Elevate the feet

If you are sitting in a recliner chair, then it is recommended that you should elevate your feet. Elevating the legs by using a recliner’s footrest helps to keep the legs and feet from getting cramped. It is also recommended that you should elevate your feet in your recliner to make your blood circulation better around your calf muscles.

elevated leg rest

Reclining Angle:

Reclining angle could be the reason you may suffer from legs ache. Sometimes sitting with your legs crossed puts strain on your knees, hips, and back. You may suffer from leg aches if you sit in a recliner for long periods at an uncomfortable angle, such as with your upper legs bent.

Sometimes, you may fall asleep with your leg not properly supported, which is extremely dangerous as the leg support is no longer adequate

When you sit in a recliner, the reclining angle should be adjusted according to the size of your body and the position that feels comfortable for your legs.

How to know which recliner is best for your leg support

How to know which recliner is best for leg circulation? It’s simple, Recliners that are reliable, comfortable, and affordable are excellent ones. They are intended to give you relaxation and take a load off.

The recliners have a wide range of adjustments to allow you to find the most comfortable position for your legs.


I hope your mind would be clear about “why do my legs ache when I sit in a recliner?”

The bottom line is to choose a recliner that is comfortable, affordable, and one that you can easily adjust. The recliner will give you the most comfortable and relaxing position because you can adjust it according to your body and position.

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