Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Leg Pain?

Lots of people love sitting in their favorite reclining chair after a long day to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world to just sink into a soft, comfy recliner.

But have you ever sat up from a recliner chair and felt the strain in your legs or kink in your lower body. This may have made you worry and think: “Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Leg Pain?”

The answer is that your recliner might cause your leg pain, but it shouldn’t be.

In short, it’s imperative to know that not all recliners are comfortable enough to provide you with optimal support. The right recliner guarantees you maximum comfort, so you can avoid improper posture that leads to back pain, leg pain, and other health problems.

However, even in the most comfortable recliner, you should avoid sitting for extended periods of time. Sitting too long in a recliner can cause leg aches because prolonged standing or sitting can increase the chance of fluid collecting in the veins of the leg. 

In this post, we aim to debunk the myth that sitting in a recliner can cause leg pains. In fact, we will also explain how a recliner can be good for your legs, your circulatory system, and overall health as long as you are choosing the right recliner for leg circulation. So let’s start:

Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Leg Pain? Lets Dive Inside:

If you really want to know the answer to “can sitting in a recliner cause leg pain?” then observe and follow the given points about the things you may be have done wrong that may lead to leg pain and lower body problems:

Wrong Type Of Recliner That Doesn’t Fit Your Body Type

Can Sitting In A Recliner Cause Leg Pain?

In the case of reclining seats, comfort and supportive seating are key so that your back, neck, lower body, and spine are supported for maximum comfort and relaxation.

However, in any case, you’ve selected a recliner that doesn’t fit your body or gives you an uncomfortable sitting experience. As an example, a chair that is too small for your body is too narrow, or has an uncomfortable footrest that doesn’t support your legs properly could be the cause of your leg pain, knee pain, back pain, and many other health problems.

For this reason, you may have to buy an ideal recliner that prevents edema or swollen feet and fits your body type. 

Poor Posture

When your bones or muscles are held in a way that can cause your spine to be misaligned, it can cause discomfort and further damage to the nerves going through your back and down your legs, resulting in leg pain and poor circulation. 

To avoid incorrect posture, make sure that your recliner chair snugs you in comfortably, provides a smooth footrest, and can help you elevate your legs above your heart in order to promote proper blood flow. Also, Proper alignment of your bones and muscles will make your back, neck, legs, and lower body feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Can Prolonged Sitting Cause Leg Problems While Sitting In A Recliner?

Recliners are more comfortable than standard chairs, which is why many people like to sit and relax in them.

However, it is not recommended to sit even in a comfortable recliner for extended periods of time as inactive legs can lead to swelling of the veins in the feet and legs, resulting in leg aches.

In short, prolonged sitting can cause severe problems from head to toe, some of them described below:

Weak Legs

Fortunately, the human body is not designed to sit or lie in a chair for long periods of time, and the body works best when it is active.

Therefore, if you sit a lot in a chair, even a comfortable reclining chair, and you don’t use your legs enough, this can lead to muscle atrophy, which weakens the legs muscles, which is what causes leg injuries.

To prevent leg problems that result from muscle atrophy and restless legs,

  • It would be best if you took short breaks instead of prolonged sitting.
  • Go for a short walk.
  • Do light stretching exercises.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Sitting for extended periods without exercising or frequently taking breaks can also lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis, a blood clot that commonly occurs in the legs. Mainly, DVT affects prominent veins in the thigh and leg but Can present in other body parts.

Therefore, people going through deep vein thrombosis should try to stretch and exercise, which can significantly help to ensure proper blood flow in this case.  

Low Blood Circulation

Prolonged sitting or even sleeping in the wrong type of recliner can cause poor leg circulation. Especially if your recliner doesn’t have a comfortable footrest, and you tend to sit and often recline, you can easily feel your legs getting numb, which can result from poor leg circulation.  

Stiff Necks And Shoulders:

An extended period of sitting and reclining can also result in stiff necks and shoulders, especially if you are seated incorrectly (such as slouching or leaning forward without proper support).  

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What Is the Right Way To Comfortably Sit In A Recliner Without Causing Leg Pain?

Step 1: In the first step, ensure the recliner is the right size and shape for you. Your chair should be well-balanced without being too large or too small. Lastly, determine if your recliner’s footrest is comfortable and can support your feet ideally.

Step 2: Next, while sitting, make sure you Slouch comfortably in a recliner chair so that your recliner’s backrest snugs you correctly and supports your back and overall body in the most comfortable way.

Step 3: The most efficient method to avoid leg pain or discomfort is to elevate your recliner’s footrest above your heart to allow proper blood flow.

Step 5: Lastly, ensure you adjust your reclining position after a while and don’t stay in one position for too long since it can cause harm. In terms of elevation, it is best to elevate your leg 3 or 4 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes is safe as anything excessive can be dangerous.


In conclusion, We hope that the information mentioned above is enough to help you understand “can sitting in a recliner cause leg pain?” because we have researched a lot to make it easier for you to understand that the right recliner is the key to healthy seating experience, along with some simple steps on how to sit in a recliner to avoid lower body stain and other body problems so that you can get the most comfort while sitting in a recliner.


Are recliner chairs good for your legs?

Yes, right reclining chairs are extremely beneficial for your legs. The reason is that they let you lay back comfortably and elevate your feet above the hips while still remaining comfortable seated. As compared to other types of chairs, recliners enable better blood flow and circulation in the muscles. In this way, you can stay healthy for years to come.  

Is it good to sit in a recliner all day?

As a result of the outside world’s busyness, recliner seating is the most comfortable way to relax. The key is avoiding prolonged sitting and taking short breaks as often as possible. Sitting or lying down for too long can lead to chronic health problems like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

Can sleeping in a recliner cause leg pain?

Generally, sleeping in a recliner is safe and can be more comforting than resting in your bed, as the right recliner takes off the pressure on your legs and allows the blood to flow properly. If you are experiencing leg pain or discomfort while sleeping in a recliner, make sure you’re sitting properly and the recliner’s footrest is comfortable.  

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